Handbags, totes, clutches, pouches – How to best store them

Most of you have not seen me in person and wouldn’t know: I’m a big fan of baguette handbags. I love how small they are, meaning less weight on my shoulders, and big enough for everything I need (keys, phones, money, sunglasses, lipstick…). To me, they are the ideal purse and fit almost every occasion.

I say almost. Unless you’ve ever flown with me, again, you wouldn’t know how crazy I can be at an airport’s newspaper shop or their little local delicatessen shops. Plastic bags don’t hold the weight of the magazines too well but my travel backpack does.

Luckily, I can store my day-to-day handbags in a different place than my travel bags. Unfortunately, there’s no a separate walk in-closet where my bags can be nicely arranged and displayed on glass shelves though. If you’re limited by space or are looking for new inspirations, there’s the same question each time: How do I best store my bags?

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Fire!!! What would you take from a burning house?

Just imagine your house is on fire. The flames are spreading quickly. But you were given special protection by the fire fighters to quickly take few things. What would you take with you?

As horrible (and dangerous) as this situation is, the question brings a dilemma along. Would you take what’s practical (e.g. your insurance documents), what has value (e.g. your money) or what has sentimental value (e.g. a a necklace from your husband)? And what about your pets?

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Don’t be scared – Halloween party planning can be fun!

HalloweenLast year, my friend and I spent Halloween in Tokyo. It was a fabulous trip to such a vibrant city. Forget the rumours about Tokyo being super expensive. You wouldn’t believe how affordable it was! The weather was mild and it was ideal for watching the different Halloween parades. I knew Japanese people loved their fancy dress and Halloween was no exception. Even some dogs were dressed up.

We’re now in October and Halloween is approaching. What are your plans for Halloween? Are you giving a party?

Here’s your party planning checklist with 13 tips for a spooky and stress-free party:

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Why is studying so exhausting?

The other day, my friend and I were talking about the PMI exam. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s the qualification for project managers and perceived as a rather difficult exam with quite an intensive preparation. While I toyed with the idea in the past, I couldn’t find the motivation. But in the spur of the moment, I decided to join her and signed up!

Since then, my enthusiasm has been on a small roller coaster ride. You see, an entry requirement is taking a 35-hour-long course either in person or online. I’ve chosen the online option and must have one of the most boring presenters. Combine that with a rather technical 619-page-thick study book and learning has become just a tiny bit more challenging. Or maybe it’s just me getting older and am finding it more difficult to get back into the formal way of learning?

Certainly, I can’t be the only adult learner. So what are others doing to maximise their study time and stay on track? How can you make studying while having a demanding job and family life as pain-free and as much fun as possible? Here are my suggestions for effective studying:

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Take care of yourself

It’s now almost 19 years ago that I lost a loved one to cancer. It was heart breaking to see Gladys get eaten up by numerous tumours. Every time we thought things were improving, there was a new and more shocking diagnosis than the one before. This experience had such an impact on my life that supporting the fight against cancer is my number one health cause.

You probably know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The last few years have shown the significant improvements which education, early detections and a balanced lifestyle can have on breast cancer prevention and treatment. You owe it to yourself to look after yourself!

While it’s still not known what causes breast cancer, there are a few things you can do for yourself:

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

Did you know that women in the UAE have on average 81 shoes? I was very surprised to hear such a high number when Virgin Radio announced these survey results in May.

So I did a little bit of experimenting and googling. Counting all my shoes, everything from flip flops, running shoes, golf shoes, boots etc., I’ve an amazing 32 pairs. That means someone else must own a whopping 130 pairs to create this UAE average for the two of us.

Where do you just store all these shoes? As a business partner once said, “we live in Dubai. People have a shoe closet.” I was laughing. It was comical, yet, so true. But what about us who don’t have a specific room just for their shoes?

Google was happy to suggest 13,300,000 results within mere 0.34 seconds for my quest on “shoe storage”. Here are some of my favourite tips for your shoe storage:

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