What shall I cook for dinner?

Honey, what’s for dinner?

My friend Ms S is on her best way to set up her own homestead in a city. Over the years, she’s been exploring new ways to become self-sufficient, even having chicken in her backyard at some stage. During the lockdown, she made some amazing cakes and sweets. Little Martha Steward, you know. Yet, I was surprised when she confessed the other day: “I’ve no idea what to cook for dinner anymore!”

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Are your energy levels depleted?

Depleting energy levels

Refuel your energy – Part 1

On weekends, I’ve a little routine of having a coffee and scrolling through LinkedIn. Then, there was this post by Sean Hall. Sean focuses on mental health and wellbeing and has shares some fascinating insights. His TEDx talk on having more energy hit me: Our energy levels are depleted!

Of the 7,000 professionals he has assessed, women feel they only have energy 48% of the time. Men barely make it above the half mark with 51%. Those are scary statistics! How much energy do you have?

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