The power of your public library

The power of your public library

Explore your public library again

When in Boston, what do you see? You’d probably walk the historic Freedom Trail, watch a baseball game or enjoy the greenery in Boston Common, a massive public park in the centre of the city. During our recent visit, we also added the Boston Public Library to the itinerary. My friend is a keen lover of books and fascinated by its architecture. This public library did not disappoint and reminded me how we all should utilise the power of our public libraries more frequently.

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We’re finally on a break this week!

We're on a break this week

We’re finally enjoying a break from the heat

We’ve waited so long for this week. It’s our summer holiday and we’re finally getting a break from the heat.

Last week, we’ve wrapped up the last projects, packed as light as possible and slept through most of the first flight. During our long layover, we managed to catch up with an ex-colleague which felt so good! Are you still in touch with your work friends?

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What to cook this week?

What to cook this week

6 amazing recipes for you to cook

It’s still the weekend and you’re already dreading what to cook next week? If you don’t have a cafeteria at work and constantly need to eat out, your food bill can go sky high. Prepping your lunches can save you money and control what you’re eating. To many, this sounds great! Just what to cook next week?

We’ve 6 different suggestions for your lunch box.

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