Your last minute Christmas gifts

In need of a last minute Christmas present

Don’t have a gift for Christmas yet?

As Santa is making his way around the globe, he’ll leave a gift for you or so we think. For those in the know, there are still some folks desperately searching for a gift hours before spending time with loved ones. Are you one who needs a last minute gift?

So, we’re taking the dilemma off you and are happy to share our 20 suggestions for last minute presents with you:

  1. Entrance fees for future exhibitions (have they been to the Louvre yet?)
  2. Vouchers for a perfect day (they get to decide how they want to spend it)
  3. Tickets to a concert (e.g. Emirates Jazz Festival)
  4. Vouchers to “sleep in as long as you want, I’ll take out the kids”
  5. Lessons for what they want to explore (for example drawing, kite surfing, golf)
  6. Gift vouchers for an on-demand movie at home with a bag of popcorn or chips
  7. Registration fees for sporting events (the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon has a family event, a 10k run and the marathon)
  8. Vouchers to babysit their little ones for your friends to enjoy date night
  9. Vouchers to picnic in the park or desert
  10. Collection of their favourite recipes
  11. Voucher for colour and make up consultation by Colour Me Beautiful stylist
  12. Gift cards to their favourite coffee shop
  13. Vouchers for a foot or back massage
  14. Calendar filled with the important dates for the new year (include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or other parties)
  15. Voucher for a big hug
  16. Tickets to tour your city (Hop on, hop off bus tours, cultural meal at Jumeirah Mosque)
  17. Voucher for a professional review of their CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for the job seeker
  18. Essential afternoon food basket filled with coffee, tea, milk, biscuits, etc
  19. Voucher for professional organisation sessions with us (contact us here for a gift voucher)
  20. Voucher for home made meals

For most of these gifts, you don’t need to visit a shop and buy something. Take a card and write the present down. So if you are creative and have still time left, you can draw the gift, letting the recipient guess what it is. It’s almost like a round of Pictionary.

With that, let us wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas,

Until next time,

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