44 things to declutter before the end of 2017

What you can declutter easily

This year is almost over and many of my clients and friends are looking forward to 2018. Some are taking a few days off, spending time with the family and relaxing after a few busy weeks at work. Isn’t it amazing how we can be so focused and productive just to meet the weekly, monthly or even annual targets? Wouldn’t it be great to always be that driven?

Getting rid of unnecessary items in your home and office can give you that focus! Creating space, you see what really matters, what’s truly urgent and you can act accordingly, saving you time and energy. So what do we recommend you declutter in the final days of 2017? Here’s our list of 44 items you can easily let go:

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It’s NOW (National Organising Week)

We encourage the nation to get organised during NOW!

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers is running the 4th annual NOW National Organising Week this Autumn. Through social media, blogs and partnerships, the association will motivate and inspire people just like you to organise their homes and workplaces. We are taking part in the campaign and bring it to this region!

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7 things to declutter this week

What will you let go this week?

What are your plans for this week? A big presentation, a dinner with friends and some celebrations maybe? Take each day of this week to free yourself up from clutter in your home. It’s a simple as 1-2-3!

What are some easy areas for you to declutter this week? Here are our 7 inspirations for you: 

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Organising with chalk paint

How to use chalk paint at home

We love creating and have used chalk paint for a number of smaller projects. We love how versatile chalk paint it. It’s easy to apply, adds a lovely touch and you can write on it! Over and over again!

Because of that, we’ve searched for the cutest and most functional organising with chalk paint ideas. Here’re the best projects which you can easily recreate at home and continue your organising journey:

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Change how you cook to save more money

Can cooking be nutritious and save you money?

It’s so tempting to eat out in this city. After all, we work hard and don’t want to spend hours preparing a home cooked meal. Let’s admit it: We like convenience!

Unfortunately, convenience isn’t always cheap and together we other lifestyle choices, it’s easy to spend more than we earn. If you’re anything like me, your food bill is making up a large amount of your spending. Have you looked how changing the way you cook can help you save money?

We’ve collected the best ingredients and recipes to help you eat healthy and save money:

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Save money by planning your meals

12 great tips to benefit from meal planning

Did you spend hundreds of Dirhams and when we’re ready to cook, there’s no food? Are you astonished by the amount of food wasted in your house? Do you want to eat healthier but are tempted by spontaneous take away meals? Are you frustrated by your high monthly food bill? If you said yes, you’re not alone. I and many others have been there too and it’s time for you to consider meal planning.

Here are our 12 best tips for saving money and food by planning your meals:

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Clean your fridge (2017)

What’s alive in your fridge?

It’s August 2017 and we’re working with a client who’s tired of wasting food. All too often, it’s forgotten in their fridge. Whether it was too much take away or some foods that just seem to disappear until they’ve expired, my client wanted to change this. So we started at looking at their behaviour and noticed, their fridge has never been cleaned. Does that sound familiar?

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Quick cleaning tips for your kitchen

5 great daily tips for your kitchen

How do you clean your kitchen? No matter how little time I spend in it, there always something to be cleaned. Don’t ask me how as I’m really not the most passionate chef – I love to eat and let others cook! So why is cleaning the kitchen always such a big thing?

To speed up this unwanted task, let me share my best tips for you. Reduce your time cleaning your kitchen with these 5 daily activities:

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40 bags in 40 days challenge (Update)

How are you getting on with this challenge?

On 1 March, Lent started and so did our 40 bags in 40 days challenge. For the 40 days of Lent, you’d declutter one shelf, drawer or other area in your home per day. You don’t think it’s possible?! I challenge you! You can do it!

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