A big thank you!

Thank you

We now have 350 posts

Today’s post marks our 350th post and we couldn’t be prouder of helping you every week. Thank you so very much for following us over the last few years.

Now, it’s back to you. We want to use the upcoming posts to give specific tips and tricks to your decluttering and organising challenges. What can we give you?

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Give an experience as a birthday gift

Give an experience as a birthday gift

An experience as a gift?

Can’t decide what birthday present to give to your mom, husband, child or friend? Try something new this year. Give them an experience!

One of my closest friends has just done that. She surprised her mom with a trip to Rome and the Vatican. A lover of historic sites, my friend knew her mom would have an unforgettable time in this ancient city.

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Wishing you a Happy 2017!

Happy 2017

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

2016 is almost over. Christmas was festive, although a bit quieter. We’ve enjoyed the time together and trust, with these (perceived) arctic temperature, I’m so glad we did! Today, we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday. The celebrations just continue.

2017 is soon upon us and I hear many people say “Let this year be over”. This year has seen many loved ones and celebrities leave this earth. David Bowie was one of my favourite stars growing up. That was a shock. Just like we witnessed the unpredicted Brexit and the win of some unlikely presidents. Climate change is worsening and stupidity seems to be rising.

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Have yourself a stress-free Christmas

Have yourself a stress-free Christmas

Top stress savers this Christmas

It’s 2 days before Christmas and I’m sitting in this beautiful café with a hot chocolate. It’s freezing outside (okay, may it’s just cold and wet). What a relaxed day before the holidays are upon us. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Do you also want to enjoy a stress-free Christmas? Who doesn’t?! Here are my top 5 tips to start Christmas in the most relaxed and stress-free way!

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Ramadan 2016


Are you ready for the holy month of Ramadan?

In less than a week, the holy month of Ramadan will start. Muslims will bring daily sacrifices by fasting and will be rehearsing the Koran. It’s a time where friends and family come together. Regardless of their religions, Iftar meals are enjoyed throughout the country. The holy month is also a time for reflection which we so often neglect. This special month can also be a very busy one.

How can you prepare for Ramadan 2016?

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How to store your Christmas decoration

Christmas Storage Header 2

Christmas Ornaments22015 was the first year we fully decorated our house in Dubai for Christmas. In recent years, we only placed a few Christmas ornaments around the living room. This year, things changed. I got carried away on weekend afternoon and bought plenty of glass ornaments, now displayed in high rise vases. On top of that, there were candles and more candles lid up every night. I love them. They create such a wonderful, peaceful and intimate atmosphere. Now, however, it’s time to remove ornaments, garlands and wraths.

Just how do you store your Christmas decoration? After all, you don’t want to go through heaps of boxes next year, still not finding what you’re looking for.

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Countdown to Christmas

Christmas tree2Spending this weekend in Hong Kong, it’s amazing to see how this little nation is preparing for the Christmas festivities. Gigantic trees have been decorated, some even with Swarowski, shops have special crafts sessions for children and magazines are showing the latest recipes. Sounds normal? It would be if I still lived in the West and not the Middle East. But for an Asian, non Christian country, it surprised me. The global influence stops nowhere.

Getting into the Christmas spirit can be fun as well as stressful. Your kids may indulge in the chocolate overflow and you’re dreading their sugar crush a little bit later. The price for gifts and parties may leave you with a financial burden, for you to pay off in 2016. Why not make 2015 the Christmas to make small changes rewarding you with a peaceful advent time?

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