44 things to declutter before the end of 2017

What you can declutter easily

This year is almost over and many of my clients and friends are looking forward to 2018. Some are taking a few days off, spending time with the family and relaxing after a few busy weeks at work. Isn’t it amazing how we can be so focused and productive just to meet the weekly, monthly or even annual targets? Wouldn’t it be great to always be that driven?

Getting rid of unnecessary items in your home and office can give you that focus! Creating space, you see what really matters, what’s truly urgent and you can act accordingly, saving you time and energy. So what do we recommend you declutter in the final days of 2017? Here’s our list of 44 items you can easily let go:

  1. Glasses no longer matching your prescription
  2. Separated body lotions
  3. Dried mascara
  4. Expired make up
  5. Out of date medicine
  6. Puzzles and games with pieces missing
  7. Toys your kids no longer play with
  8. Product descriptions
  9. Chargers for appliances you no longer have
  10. Phones which longer work
  11. Old SIM cards
  12. Out of date food
  13. Dried up condiments
  14. Old herbs
  15. Plastic bags
  16. Empty bottles
  17. Broken suitcases and handbags
  18. Purses that don’t close
  19. Old Entertainer books
  20. Expired vouchers
  21. Old magazine
    Recycle declutter old magazines
  22. Advertisements and flyers
  23. Old newspapers
  24. Catalogues and directories
  25. Take away menus
  26. Old receipts not needed for business or tax expenses
  27. Pieces of paper
  28. Pens that no longer write
  29. Scratched DVDs
  30. Video tapes and audio cassettes
  31. Blurred photos
  32. Old and unfluffy pillows
  33. Stained or torn pillow cases
  34. Old or worn out bedding
  35. Broken ornaments
  36. Dead plants
  37. Cracked or broken flower pots
  38. Expired flower seeds
  39. Clothes you don’t like
  40. Old bras which no longer support you
  41. Clothes that don’t flatter you
  42. Shoes that just hurt
  43. Clothes that don’t fit
  44. Sport shoes with a worn out cushion

Today, start to declutter with the easiest item for you. That may be what you’ve most off (e.g. the empty water bottles in the kitchen) or what’s annoying you most like that pair of high heels where you can’t walk more than 2 minutes in.

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2 thoughts on “44 things to declutter before the end of 2017

  1. My favorite – “Bras that no longer support you”….LOL! If only I could find one that does. 🙂 Thank you, Agni @ OLM!

    • Hi Kelly, let Santa bring you a new set! Merry Christmas and continue the decluttering process, Agni

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