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Our top 10 tips to stay organised

10) Automate! Whether it’s for your rent/mortgage, utility bill, phone bill or savings/pension contributions, set up a standing order or direct debit to ensure your bills are paid on time. You don’t want to occur any late payment fees.

9) Learn to delegate. Check which activities you can “outsource”. At work, ask yourself whether it is you who has to print 500 name badges. Could the receptionist or the admin do it for you? Have you considered hiring a cleaner for the jobs you don’t like to do at home (mopping the floors or ironing anyone)?

8) Eat the frog first! As painful as it sounds to do the most challenging activity first, it will give you the feeling of accomplishment lasting the rest of the day. Priorities of your daily activities go according to 1) urgent and important (do first), 2) urgent, not important, 3) not urgent but important and 4) neither urgent nor important (do last).

7) Exercise. You may not think that exercising will keep you organised. However, the energy you’ll gain from staying fit will contribute to managing your time and priorities more productively.

6) Shred and bin spam mail immediately. When you open up your letters, have your shredder nearby. Don’t let these letters linger around and fill up your home. If you don’t have a shredder, cut up your personal details to avoid identify theft. The same principle can be applied to spam emails that still make it through to your email account. Delete!

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