Join our Reflection Challenge this Ramadan

Reflection during Ramadan

Make time for some reflection this Ramadan

Today’s the first day of Ramadan. My Muslim friends will fast during day and only eat and drink after sunset. If you’ve ever been to this region, you may wonder how they can bring such a sacrifice when it’s easily 36 C/96 F outside. For me, eating only at lunchtime can be difficult and I couldn’t imagine what fasting for a month feels like. My Muslim friends have explained to me, however, that Ramadan is not about food and drink. It’s also about reflection.

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Are you ready for graduation?

Are you ready for graduation

What needs to be done for a graduation party

This weekend, my friend and I were talking about graduation. Her son is finishing up the last few days of high school and can’t wait to start his next chapter in life. It was exciting to see him thrilled about his college choice and his mom, my friend from school, prepare for the party. I loved how relaxed both about it, mainly because they are prepared.

To also enjoy a stress-free party, we’re giving you this checklist today:

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Prepare for the wedding season

Prepare for the wedding season

Join your friends for their wedding celebrations

The month of May is also the beginning of the wedding season for so many couples. We’re excited to attend our first wedding of 2018 soon. It will be a joyful event and we can’t wait to see old friends and family members again.

With weddings costing on average GBP 27,161 in the UK or over USD 30,000 in the US, it’s not a cheap day out for anyone. Plan and budget for attending a wedding to enjoy the day with a beautiful couple to the max!

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