Look after yourself

Self-care is a must

How are you doing? Are you okay? Do you look after yourself? We so often ask these questions and yet, do we really listen to the other person? Probably not!

Even in a year that should have put empathy at the top of our social skills, it doesn’t seem like it. We hear some horrible stories between manager and team members. It’s heart breaking.

We need to do more to look after ourselves and practice self-care!

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Why save it for the afterlife


What the Ancient Egyptians have with us in common

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife being perfect? My business friend Mrs F explained to me that they’d keep things in multiples. During their life, they’d use one piece over an over. It becomes used up, loses its shine and potentially also its purpose. Instead of using one of the other ones, no, they kept on using this old piece. The bright, shiny and new one was reserved for their afterlife. Sounds familiar?

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What shall I cook for dinner?

Honey, what’s for dinner?

My friend Ms S is on her best way to set up her own homestead in a city. Over the years, she’s been exploring new ways to become self-sufficient, even having chicken in her backyard at some stage. During the lockdown, she made some amazing cakes and sweets. Little Martha Steward, you know. Yet, I was surprised when she confessed the other day: “I’ve no idea what to cook for dinner anymore!”

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