Trish’s story: Kids, studying and a new career

Trish's story study

How Trish mastered the struggles of raising 2 children, studying part-time and working a full-time job

Have you ever met those people who seem to achieve anything and everything? Trish may be one of them. Her life seems so fulfilling and no signs of any struggles. Speaking with her, we find out there’s a lot more to her and where she is in life today.

Today’s post has been written by Trish and she takes us through her struggles of raising 2 smart daughters on her own, completing her first university degree at a later stage in life and now preparing for a career change.

Today’s post is encouragement for anyone who is thinking about making a change in their life. It’s never too late to start something new!

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A big thank you!

Thank you

We now have 350 posts

Today’s post marks our 350th post and we couldn’t be prouder of helping you every week. Thank you so very much for following us over the last few years.

Now, it’s back to you. We want to use the upcoming posts to give specific tips and tricks to your decluttering and organising challenges. What can we give you?

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I’m trying the elimination diet

The elimination diet

And so should you!

Every 1 January, people are starting to change their life. They’ve set their New Year’s Resolution: Lose weight, do more sports, stop smoking, spend more time with friends and family, work less… If you’re like me, you’ve probably set some for yourself at some stage. This year, there are no New Year’s Resolutions. Except the elimination diet! And it’s not the one you’re thinking off!

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Wishing you a Happy 2017!

Happy 2017

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

2016 is almost over. Christmas was festive, although a bit quieter. We’ve enjoyed the time together and trust, with these (perceived) arctic temperature, I’m so glad we did! Today, we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday. The celebrations just continue.

2017 is soon upon us and I hear many people say “Let this year be over”. This year has seen many loved ones and celebrities leave this earth. David Bowie was one of my favourite stars growing up. That was a shock. Just like we witnessed the unpredicted Brexit and the win of some unlikely presidents. Climate change is worsening and stupidity seems to be rising.

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Christmas presents

Christmas presents

What presents are you giving?

My loved ones nonchalantly mentioned that they haven’t brought any Christmas presents yet. It’s the 12th of December! Christmas is just around the corner! For a lot of people, this could raise the pre-Christmas stress levels. Luckily, we have a rule in this family: No presents above EUR 30 (around 116 dirhams).

Are you also fed up with going in debt to give toys which, after only 3 days, are just laying around? Looking a disappointed expression on your loved one’s face when they don’t get the gift they wanted? It’s time to change your approach to gifting at Christmas! If you can’t or don’t want to give up presents just yet, present clutter-free, memorable gifts to your loved one!

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October is another “No Spending Month”

Stay social No spending month

Will you join me?

It’s a little bit later than my usual blog post. But today, I had a very good reason: I had to store all my groceries and other the other things bought while visiting my family last week. And how much I had to put away! Tons! After all, I flew back with 40 kgs (88 lbs). To my defence, not of it was for me. Some things were presents for upcoming birthdays or requests from friends.

Still, I’ve enough food till Christmas and am making October another “No Spending Month”.

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Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

Why I don’t want any presents for my birthday

It’s my birthday and it’s my favourite day of the year! Birthdays are a big deal and if you’ve met me, you know I love birthdays. Birthdays are a great way to celebrate and be celebrated.

Each year, I’m grateful for what I’ve achieved. Although, I admit at times, it doesn’t appear as an achievement. Celebrating another birthday today, I’m grateful. I’ve set up my own company, am getting work in, live in a beautiful home, have plenty of food on the table (and consequently a bit too much on my hips), wonderful loved ones and friends who I cherish, am healthy. I’m good!

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Thank you for 200 blog posts

Thank you

Time to celebrate

The 200th article was posted on this blog today. This calls for a small celebration and a BIG thank you to all my readers!

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with a number of corporate clients who wanted to set up an employee recognition scheme and say thank you to their employees. Like many, they wanted to get the biggest bang for their buck. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to say thank you. Money doesn’t need to be involved and there are great ways of saying thank you.

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