Get fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market

Get fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market

The weekend starts with a trip to the farmers market

The weather is still wonderful, although we can tell it’s getting warmer every day. This month will be the last outdoor farmers market for us in this region. While there’s an abundance of fruit and veg available in our supermarkets, locally grown produce is just so tasty!

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Clear Your Clutter Day 2018

Clear your clutter day

Make space this Clear Your Clutter Day

Tomorrow is “Clear Your Clutter Day 2018”! The founder of, Jasmine Birtles, set it up to help “live simpler, more clutter-free lives”. Tomorrow, get rid of what’s weighing you down and make space for the things you truly enjoy. You don’t where to start?

Grab a bag and start with one area. This could be a drawer, a shelf or your coffee table.

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Organising with chalk paint

How to use chalk paint at home

We love creating and have used chalk paint for a number of smaller projects. We love how versatile chalk paint it. It’s easy to apply, adds a lovely touch and you can write on it! Over and over again!

Because of that, we’ve searched for the cutest and most functional organising with chalk paint ideas. Here’re the best projects which you can easily recreate at home and continue your organising journey:

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Change how you cook to save more money

Can cooking be nutritious and save you money?

It’s so tempting to eat out in this city. After all, we work hard and don’t want to spend hours preparing a home cooked meal. Let’s admit it: We like convenience!

Unfortunately, convenience isn’t always cheap and together we other lifestyle choices, it’s easy to spend more than we earn. If you’re anything like me, your food bill is making up a large amount of your spending. Have you looked how changing the way you cook can help you save money?

We’ve collected the best ingredients and recipes to help you eat healthy and save money:

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Save money by planning your meals

12 great tips to benefit from meal planning

Did you spend hundreds of Dirhams and when we’re ready to cook, there’s no food? Are you astonished by the amount of food wasted in your house? Do you want to eat healthier but are tempted by spontaneous take away meals? Are you frustrated by your high monthly food bill? If you said yes, you’re not alone. I and many others have been there too and it’s time for you to consider meal planning.

Here are our 12 best tips for saving money and food by planning your meals:

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The pantry

Stock for food emergencies

When was the last time you checked your pantry? Do you even know what kinds of food you’ve stocked in it?

As we’re nearing Christmas and New Year’s Eve, many of my friends and clients are going to cook something special for their families. A holiday is a wonderful reason to celebrate and enjoy delicious dishes together with your loved ones.

Last week, we started looking into the fridge, giving it a good cleaning and getting rid of expired foods. Now, let’s check out your pantry.

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No shopping for one month

I’ve read a number of articles where folks experimented how long they’d last not buying something. Often, shopping has a very calming effect. In the short-run, it gives you that pleasant feeling. Almost like a reward. You’ve made it through another tough day at work. Treat yourself to that nice handbag, that lipstick or that dress. You are worth it. It will make you feel so much better!

Yet, shortly afterwards, this positive feeling changes into guilty. Did I really need that handbag? How can I justify spending so much on a lipstick? Is that dress really looking that good on me?

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