Organising with chalk paint

How to use chalk paint at home

We love creating and have used chalk paint for a number of smaller projects. We love how versatile chalk paint it. It’s easy to apply, adds a lovely touch and you can write on it! Over and over again!

Because of that, we’ve searched for the cutest and most functional organising with chalk paint ideas. Here’re the best projects which you can easily recreate at home and continue your organising journey:

Chalk paint fridge

This is a genius idea! Running out of some food? Write it down and start your shopping list right here on the fridge. Want to add a meal planner? No problem, just write down this week’s menu.

Message board

Is your family constantly on the go? Then a message board wall is for you! Leave messages for your family.

Everyone can see where everyone is without having to start the family what’s app messenger. It double functions as a display area for the latest pictures, quotes or whatever else you want to show.

Wall calendar

Seeing what is planned or what needs to be done helps you stay focused. Calendars like this quickly show when too much is happening on one particular day. You can move certain activities and appointments around. Nothing planned for the day before? Write that article earlier, giving you more free time on that oh so packed day!

Arts and craft organisers

Do you like to be creative and work with lots of different papers, paints, colours, fabrics,…? Keep them in stackable containers and use a chalk paint label in the front. While you may know what’s in it, anyone else helping you create a cool project may not. Make it easy for them.

You can also use these clear containers for your kids’ toys. It’s a fabulous way to teach the youngster how to read, too!

Storage containers

This is so decorative and functional at the same time. Whether you’ll paint mason jars or you use different containers, you can write the content on it directly.

Spice jars

If you store your herbs and spices side by side, it can be challenging to know what’s what. Rather than picking up each jar, write the name of the herbs and spices on their lids. By using chalk paint for the lids, you can change the content as many times as you need. So much easier than printing out new labels every single time.

Filing cabinet

Office furniture can be relatively boring. Give your home office a fresh look by painting the filing cabinet with colourful chalk paint. Instead of using the little white tags, write the content with chalk on it.

How are you going to use chalk paint to organise your home or office? Share a picture or your tips! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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