Schools supplies you need for remote learning

School supplies remote learning

Get ready for a new year of remote learning

Can you believe that it’s already the second week of August? Where did summer go? Or are we not allowed to ask these questions these year? After all, how many of us were able to travel and enjoy their summer holidays? So with that the big question is: Are you ready for a new school year? A year (or at least semester) of remote learning ?

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40 Activities for your kids this summer

40 Activities for your kids this summer

What to do with your kids this summer

Every other year, we can’t wait for summer. Schools close their doors for up to 2 months, depending on your school district. It’s the perfect time to relax, play and travel. This year, many families won’t have this luxury. It’s already very hot and with social distancing in place, many still avoid public places. Plus, not every water park or library is yet open. We’ve created this list of 40 activities helping you and your kids to stay cool, safe and sane this summer:

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Supporting working parents during COVID-19

Supporting working parents

How working parents can keep safe and sane during COVID-19

Are you a working parent juggling working from home and crisis schooling? It’s not easy! We recognise that. So when was the last time you gave yourself credit for what you are doing now? Probably never. That’s why we recognised the achievements of working parents and shared our tips for working parents on a webinar with The Coach Link and Pam Durant last week.

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Working from home – 12 new tips to make it work for you

How to survive the next while working from home

How many weeks have you now worked from home? For me, it’s week 5 or is it 7? It all becomes a blur after a while. Speaking with friends and clients, we’re also hearing about their struggles. While some are used to regularly working from home, the situation can be overwhelming. We’ve collected 12 additional tips for you to feel less stress and anxious and enjoying greater feeling of control.

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Benefits of downsizing to an apartment

Benefits of downsizing

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors.

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors. For some reason, it’s still associated with retirees, aging and possibly preparing for the final step. We don’t believe that downsizing is only for the elderly. In fact, downsizing offers great benefits for all ages.

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3 Essential steps to prepare for an expat assignment

3 steps expat assignment

How can you prepare for an expat assignment

Today’s guest post comes from Aura at STORAGECafé.

Expat assignments are a great opportunity for advancing professionally, and also for personal development: you get to travel, to learn a new language and to become familiar with a different culture. The perks associated with it are also generally pretty nice: a good salary, transportation and housing provided, school tuition and spousal allowance included, language tutoring and so on.

It’s no wonder, under these circumstances, that most people jump at the prospect of an expat assignment.

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Start your DIY projects the right way

DIY Projects Home Repair

Have fun with your DIY projects

Last week was the final episode of The Block. 6 couples transformed a home, garden and garage over 6 weeks. The journey and the results were incredible. My friend’s husband decided to start his own DIY renovation. A day before the in-laws arrived, he decided their living room needed painting. You can see what’s coming. A large part of the house in DIY chaos and additional stress for my friend. We’re taking her experience as an inspiration for organised and stress-free DIY.

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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

How to prepare for your Christmas now

Did you ever hear about Christmas in July? Yes, it’s a comedy movie from the 1940s (still haven’t watched it). It’s also the Aussies way of celebrating a traditional Christmas in the cooler temperatures. Most of the country is experiencing temperatures of 35 C and above at Christmas. So it’s no wonder they prefer some shrimps on the barbie over a big stuffed bird.

If you’re not in Australia, you may still have a peaceful  and stress-free Christmas with our simple tips to prepare for yours in December!

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Organise the end of the school year

Organise end school year

It’s time this school year is over

It’s almost here: The last day of the school year! Are you as excited as we are? If you have children, we bet you are! So let’s get through the last 2 weeks of school and finish this school year in the most organised way. Taking some time out now will save you more time, energy and money when your kid will go back to school in September.

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Ramadan Kareem – Try something new

Ramadan Kareem Try New

Try these 3 activities this Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy month for Muslim, has started today. During this month, local businesses reduce their working hours by 2 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to use the extra time and to try something new. If you are a non-Muslim, you may even see it as a part-time or mini-sabbatical without losing any income. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and try out these 3 activities!

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