How to cope during a new lockdown (Part 1)

Flatten the curve with a new lockdown

During lockdown, a friend spoke out what so many of us are feeling: “I can’t cook another meal.” She felt downgraded to being the cleaner of her family. Going into a new lockdown, she’s desperately trying to stay cool and not freak out. Does that sound familiar?

We’ve asked our community and are super happy to share their best tips for you (part 1):

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Look after yourself

Self-care is a must

How are you doing? Are you okay? Do you look after yourself? We so often ask these questions and yet, do we really listen to the other person? Probably not!

Even in a year that should have put empathy at the top of our social skills, it doesn’t seem like it. We hear some horrible stories between manager and team members. It’s heart breaking.

We need to do more to look after ourselves and practice self-care!

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Could meat ruin your friendship?

Could meat ruin your friendship

Enjoy 7 delicious meat(less) dishes

Who knew that eating no meat could end a friendship? That was the shocking revelation by my friend Conscious C shared on Thursday night. Before she’s moving to the UK this week, we met up and it was so fantastic to see her. She looked great, was full of energy (even more than usual) and all thanks to making some dietary adjustments.

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Settling into a new routine

Settling into a new routine

What’s your new routine?

Can you believe it’s already mid-June? Where has the first part of 2020 gone? Yesterday, I wished everyone a good weekend – it was only Monday! While I thought my new routine was working quite well, clearly, yesterday was not my day. With all the craziness going on around the world, have you found and settled into a new routine?

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What can you do about the Coronavirus

If you have turned on your TV or surfed the web in the last few weeks, there only seems to be one topic: Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Whether you see it as the next threat to human kind or think it’s all a hype, it’s up to you. We just think there are other topics in the world, which don’t get as much as attention as the Coronavirus does and they impact far more. Did you know that there are 821 million people – more than 1 in 9 of the world population – who do not get enough to eat? You can calculate how many die of starvation as I type this post!

What are some ways you can reduce your risk of being infected with Coronavirus?

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Learn to say “NO” and when to say “YES”

Learn to say No and when to say YES

Learn to say “NO” and when to say “YES”

The end of the year can be a stressful time. Businesses are trying everything to make some extra sales. Employees are working on reaching their annual goals. Students are finishing their last exams. And then, of course, there are the Christmas preparations! Christmas parties with colleagues, friends before they’re heading home for the holidays, sports teams, you name it. It can be tough to say “no” and relax with your loved ones on the couch.

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3 Essential steps to prepare for an expat assignment

3 steps expat assignment

How can you prepare for an expat assignment

Today’s guest post comes from Aura at STORAGECafé.

Expat assignments are a great opportunity for advancing professionally, and also for personal development: you get to travel, to learn a new language and to become familiar with a different culture. The perks associated with it are also generally pretty nice: a good salary, transportation and housing provided, school tuition and spousal allowance included, language tutoring and so on.

It’s no wonder, under these circumstances, that most people jump at the prospect of an expat assignment.

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Alternative Date Night Ideas

Date night

Make date night fun again

In a city that never sleeps, every night can be your date night, right? Well, if you’re like many couples here, you’re probably busy working across different time zones. You like to feel good and rush to the gym after work, maybe even squeezing in a meeting with your friend before heading home. Exhausted and ready for a chilled evening on the couch. How are you supposed to make time for date night?

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Ramadan Kareem – Try something new

Ramadan Kareem Try New

Try these 3 activities this Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy month for Muslim, has started today. During this month, local businesses reduce their working hours by 2 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to use the extra time and to try something new. If you are a non-Muslim, you may even see it as a part-time or mini-sabbatical without losing any income. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and try out these 3 activities!

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