40 Activities for your kids this summer

40 Activities for your kids this summer

What to do with your kids this summer

Every other year, we can’t wait for summer. Schools close their doors for up to 2 months, depending on your school district. It’s the perfect time to relax, play and travel. This year, many families won’t have this luxury. It’s already very hot and with social distancing in place, many still avoid public places. Plus, not every water park or library is yet open. We’ve created this list of 40 activities helping you and your kids to stay cool, safe and sane this summer:

  1. Build cardboard cars for your own drive in cinema.
  2. Create your own audio book.
  3. Start preparing for Christmas by making festive decoration now.
  4. Camp outside, if it’s not too hot on your balcony or garden.
  5. Experiment with new hair designs, ideal for the fashion-oriented kid or teenager.
  6. Practice yoga and stretches regularly.
  7. Open up your very own supermarket. Great way to introduce smaller children to selling products and using money this summer.
  8. Build a fort in your living room.
  9. Open your own library in your hallway. Cut out little borrow slips, make a membership car and show the available books. If a kid returns the book late, will they need to pay the late return fee?
  10. Jump into your community pool.
  11. Travel around the world this summer by visiting a different country every other day. Learn about its geography, people, music, games and food. Cook one of that country’s favourite dishes for dinner. Explore world travel trips (in German).
    Go on a scavenger hunt
  12. Host a circus session.
  13. Design your fantasy country. Will it have cities or villages or both? Are there beaches or rivers? Where will people live and how? What animals live there? Explore your kids’ creativity, no matter how old they are.
  14. Devote a colour for each day and dress up in that colour. For example, on Red Wednesday, wear only red clothes, snag on red berries and make a red dish for dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese anyone?
  15. Set up your own sports parcourse or obstacle course at home.
  16. Build gigantic Lego structures.
  17. Play online games with their friends. If they can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they can’t play together these days.
  18. Redecorate the kids room and let them help paint the walls.
  19. Record your own music videos. Will it be the next Lip Sync Battle?
  20. Paint fabric bags or t-shirts.
  21. Write a long letter to their grandparents.
  22. Play hide and seek.
  23. Pack the binoculars and go to a deserted part of town. Watch animals from the comfort of your air conditioned car.
  24. Host your own [Your Family Name] Got Talent competition.
  25. Have a scavenger hunt at home or in your neighbourhood.
  26. Write a short story this summer.
  27. Direct a movie and send it to family.
    Let creativity flow this summer
  28. Go climb at an indoor adventure centre.
  29. Have a water balloon fight. Fabulous way to cool down!
  30. Create a camp based on your kids’ ages with KiwiCo.
  31. Pull out the board games and play Monopoly or Catan.
  32. Let a kite fly.
  33. Make ice cubes, lots and lots of ice cubes. You can fill them with berries, cucumbers or slices of lemon or add some food colouring. Bigger ones can even include small toys. You can dig a hole in them and make an ice necklace.
  34. Go into space with Space Camp.
  35. Create your own runway and have your kids model the latest fashion they put together.
  36. Try out different chemistry or biology experiments. Baking soda and vinegar are a wonderful foundation for experiments!
  37. Build your own instruments and make some music.
  38. Make some smores in your garden.
  39. Start a family album which can be given to the grandparents or other relatives as a present.
  40. Open up your post office.

You got this!

Remember: You got this! You’ve managed to make it through lockdown and with these tips, you can create a routine for your kids. There are so many options to let your kids explore, discover and find out new exciting activities. Leave some free time for them to be bored, too.

What’s your favourite activity this summer?

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