Organise end school year

Organise the end of the school year

It’s time this school year is over

It’s almost here: The last day of the school year! Are you as excited as we are? If you have children, we bet you are! So let’s get through the last 2 weeks of school and finish this school year in the most organised way. Taking some time out now will save you more time, energy and money when your kid will go back to school in September.

Create a time capsule

A time capsule is a memory or keepsake box for your kid’s school year. By dedicating a box, you’ll have all documents, pictures, projects, etc. in one area and you know what that means. Less hassle finding any memories.

Items which you may want to include are:

  • Report cards (also scan it)
  • Certificates and awards
  • School and class pictures
  • Drawings and other art projects
  • Reports or other written pieces

Display your kid’s projects

Your kid (and probably you) worked hard on creating their art or science projects. You may, however, not wish to keep every single one. Decide together which one(s) you will keep and display them in your home.

A hanging line with pegs may fit your interior design style and allows you to quickly change the drawings.

Take a picture of the projects that didn’t make the mark. This way your child will still see what they’ve worked on during this school year.

School year uniform


Declutter your kid’s wardrobe

As your kid is probably still growing, not everything may still fit them at the end of this school year. What they’ve outgrown, can you sell it? School uniforms seem to cost a fortune considering how long they’re only worn. Many schools have therefore a market place for pre-loved uniforms.

If you know your kid’s size next year, you may already buy some pre-loved uniforms and save some money.

If it’s no longer in good shape, is torn or has stains, you may want to recycle the fabric and make cleaning cloths, as one example.

Also check their shoes and sports gear. If it can’t be sold, can you donate it?

Over the summer, check the sales if your kid needs a new school or sports bag.

Go through their stationary

It’s incredible how many pencils, pens and glue sticks students have at the end of a school year. Where are they all coming from?!

Get the book and material list for next year now. Then, go through what you already have at home. Trust us. You don’t want to buy another set of 12 pencils if you still have 41 in pristine condition already at home. Knowing what you still have will save you time and money as you’ll do your back to school shopping in August.

School year how many pens

Order next year’s books now

Don’t fall into the trap of order next year’s school books at the end of August. Do it now!

You may find the year above your kid using the same book. Often, parents are selling these books. If your kid’s books are in good condition, sell them at your school’s market place.

Depending on your kid’s curriculum, do you need any specialised materials which are hard to get here? If so, see if you can find them on your trip to your home at a lower price or check the school’s market place.

As your kid’s school year is about to finish, what was your favourite memory?

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