Why save it for the afterlife


What the Ancient Egyptians have with us in common

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife being perfect? My business friend Mrs F explained to me that they’d keep things in multiples. During their life, they’d use one piece over an over. It becomes used up, loses its shine and potentially also its purpose. Instead of using one of the other ones, no, they kept on using this old piece. The bright, shiny and new one was reserved for their afterlife. Sounds familiar?

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Volunteer during the pandemic

Volunteer during the pandemic

Is it your civil duty to volunteer?

The last few months have taken a toll on us. You may be a parent who’s now left with hardly any time because you need to crisis school. Your company may have told you that they’re restructuring and no longer require your services. The constant changes may just be too much to keep up with. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have experienced a rollercoaster ride. That’s why I’ve decided to volunteer!

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Meet the UAE Astronauts

Meet the UAE astronauts

Learn how to pursue your dreams according to the UAE astronauts

Have you ever worked with any astronauts? Well, I haven’t and it was the first time I met an astronaut at this year’s Emirates Literature Festival. And what a session it was! So witty, so insightful and so inspiring.

Hazzaa AlMansoori was the first UAE astronaut who went into space in September 2019. During the mission, he spent eight days on the International Space Station (ISS). His backup, Sultan AlNeyadi, and Saeed Karmostaji, Manager at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, joined Hazzaa in the one-hour-long session. All three certainly know to dream big!

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Benefits of downsizing to an apartment

Benefits of downsizing

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors.

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors. For some reason, it’s still associated with retirees, aging and possibly preparing for the final step. We don’t believe that downsizing is only for the elderly. In fact, downsizing offers great benefits for all ages.

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3 Essential steps to prepare for an expat assignment

3 steps expat assignment

How can you prepare for an expat assignment

Today’s guest post comes from Aura at STORAGECafé.

Expat assignments are a great opportunity for advancing professionally, and also for personal development: you get to travel, to learn a new language and to become familiar with a different culture. The perks associated with it are also generally pretty nice: a good salary, transportation and housing provided, school tuition and spousal allowance included, language tutoring and so on.

It’s no wonder, under these circumstances, that most people jump at the prospect of an expat assignment.

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Does decluttering mean the end of a dream?

End of a dream

An end is a new beginning

We’ve recently helped a lovely lady take a huge step: Going through her baby clothes. Anyone who’s done this knows the smell of baby but also of joy and hopes for their family. For this lady and her wonderful family, it meant the end of a dream.

Our lovely client has three sweet boys aged 14, 10 and 9. As she admits, there are days when football training takes over their life and she wished they could have a quiet week. At the same time, our client and her husband love these three boys so very much. You step into their home and feel love is in the air.

The end of a dream

So why was it so tough for our client to let go

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Letting go – A personal story

Letting go

Mrs. Kat’s story of letting go and light luggage

We are so grateful for the friendship with the wonderful Mrs. Kat. And what an honour it has been to support her throughout her decluttering journey! Letting go isn’t always easy and we are so excited to share Mrs. Kat’s story in today’s post. She’s living proof that you can do it, too!

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5 tips to creating a powerful network

5 tips powerful network

Grow your personal network

The festive season is over. The new year has started and some still follow their New Year’s resolutions. For me, 2019 is “the year of moving (up)”, being more physically active thanks to a bike and working on a variety of corporate and residential projects. The first part is all up to me while for the second, a strong network will be beneficial. Whether you’re looking for a new job this year or learn more about what’s happening in your industry, achieve more with a powerful network.

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