Ramadan Kareem – Try something new

Ramadan Kareem Try New

Try these 3 activities this Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy month for Muslim, has started today. During this month, local businesses reduce their working hours by 2 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to use the extra time and to try something new. If you are a non-Muslim, you may even see it as a part-time or mini-sabbatical without losing any income. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and try out these 3 activities!

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Why we could use another week of Ramadan

We could use another week

This is now the 6th Ramadan we’re experiencing in this region. Each Ramadan has taught us something new about a different religion and culture. Still, we hold up our “live and let live” view and we won’t get involved in religion. Where many leave the city during this time, we were here and we’ll miss it. In fact, we could another week. Why?

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Join our Reflection Challenge this Ramadan

Reflection during Ramadan

Make time for some reflection this Ramadan

Today’s the first day of Ramadan. My Muslim friends will fast during day and only eat and drink after sunset. If you’ve ever been to this region, you may wonder how they can bring such a sacrifice when it’s easily 36 C/96 F outside. For me, eating only at lunchtime can be difficult and I couldn’t imagine what fasting for a month feels like. My Muslim friends have explained to me, however, that Ramadan is not about food and drink. It’s also about reflection.

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Ramadan 2016

Are you ready for the holy month of Ramadan?

In less than a week, the holy month of Ramadan will start. Muslims will bring daily sacrifices by fasting and will be rehearsing the Koran. It’s a time where friends and family come together. Regardless of their religions, Iftar meals are enjoyed throughout the country. The holy month is also a time for reflection which we so often neglect. This special month can also be a very busy one.

How can you prepare for Ramadan 2016?

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Eid Mubarak – Getting ready for the celebration of the summer

The last few weeks have been hot and humid. Fasting under these conditions was not easy. Yet, it’s a sacrifice a lot of Muslims are making every Ramadan. The holy month, as Ramadan is also referred to, will end this weekend with Eid Al-Fitr. Eid Al-Fitr is the Festival of the Breaking the Fast or Sweet Festival, celebrated with loads of sweet foods. You may wish your Muslim friends and colleagues “Eid Mubarak” (Blessed Eid).

Let’s get ready for the celebration of the summer with my top 5 tips:

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Ramadan Kareem

Depending on the moon, Ramadan is set to start next Thursday. Ramadan Kareem! Until a few years ago, I didn’t know much about thia holy month of the Islamic calendar. Sure, I worked with Muslims in the UK. They fasted during daylight. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars or religious duties of Islam. I’m only realising now how challenging fasting in a non-Muslim country must be. Unlike in the Middle East, everyone still eats and drinks in the office, there’re no reduced working hours and we had about 18 hours of day light (= fasting time). Not an easy undertaking.

Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims. In simple terms (and without starting a religious debate), Ramadan is probably as important as Christmas for Christians and Diwali for Hindus. With the expected start next week, it’s high time to get ready for it:

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