Wishing you a Happy 2017!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

2016 is almost over. Christmas was festive, although a bit quieter. We’ve enjoyed the time together and trust, with these (perceived) arctic temperature, I’m so glad we did! Today, we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday. The celebrations just continue.

2017 is soon upon us and I hear many people say “Let this year be over”. This year has seen many loved ones and celebrities leave this earth. David Bowie was one of my favourite stars growing up. That was a shock. Just like we witnessed the unpredicted Brexit and the win of some unlikely presidents. Climate change is worsening and stupidity seems to be rising.

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Get moving again

5 easy ways to get moving after the Holidays

How many additional calories did you consume this Christmas? While I’ve consciously limited my indulgences, sitting so much over the Holidays got me down. Luckily, I could get my loved ones out for a walk in the rain, typical Christmas weather.

This afternoon, we’re off to our local football stadium and I can’t wait to get moving again. Do you too want to make small changes and get active again? Here are 5 easy activities which will get you moving now!

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Have yourself a stress-free Christmas

Top stress savers this Christmas

It’s 2 days before Christmas and I’m sitting in this beautiful café with a hot chocolate. It’s freezing outside (okay, may it’s just cold and wet). What a relaxed day before the holidays are upon us. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Do you also want to enjoy a stress-free Christmas? Who doesn’t?! Here are my top 5 tips to start Christmas in the most relaxed and stress-free way!

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Where will 2017 take you?

Make time for your personal development in 2017

At the end of the year, many companies are carrying out performance reviews. You may have had your manager ask you: “What do you want to do next year?” While getting on that one project you so wanted, this question gives you the opportunity to think about something bigger. Where do you want to go?

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Give yourself time to think

When can you think?

It’s Thursday and although it’s a short week, it’s been manic. I felt like I was working on 20 different projects at the same time. Rather than stopping to think, prioritising my day, yes, I just kept going. There was no progress whatsoever and it was horrible! Do you know this feeling?

Today is the day to change this! I’ve taking some time out to think and so should you.

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Christmas presents

What presents are you giving?

My loved ones nonchalantly mentioned that they haven’t brought any Christmas presents yet. It’s the 12th of December! Christmas is just around the corner! For a lot of people, this could raise the pre-Christmas stress levels. Luckily, we have a rule in this family: No presents above EUR 30 (around 116 dirhams).

Are you also fed up with going in debt to give toys which, after only 3 days, are just laying around? Looking a disappointed expression on your loved one’s face when they don’t get the gift they wanted? It’s time to change your approach to gifting at Christmas! If you can’t or don’t want to give up presents just yet, present clutter-free, memorable gifts to your loved one!

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