How to cope during a new lockdown (Part 1)

Flatten the curve with a new lockdown

During lockdown, a friend spoke out what so many of us are feeling: “I can’t cook another meal.” She felt downgraded to being the cleaner of her family. Going into a new lockdown, she’s desperately trying to stay cool and not freak out. Does that sound familiar?

We’ve asked our community and are super happy to share their best tips for you (part 1):

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3 Essential steps to prepare for an expat assignment

3 steps expat assignment

How can you prepare for an expat assignment

Today’s guest post comes from Aura at STORAGECafé.

Expat assignments are a great opportunity for advancing professionally, and also for personal development: you get to travel, to learn a new language and to become familiar with a different culture. The perks associated with it are also generally pretty nice: a good salary, transportation and housing provided, school tuition and spousal allowance included, language tutoring and so on.

It’s no wonder, under these circumstances, that most people jump at the prospect of an expat assignment.

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Set up a medical emergency folder

Set up a medical emergency folder

Be prepared for a medical emergency

A medical emergency can hit you quicker than you’d ever expect. We learnt this late last year. “You need to sit down. Mom had to be hospitalised and will need an emergency surgery.” It’s the call I never want to have again! While the events of that day could have spiralled downwards, they luckily didn’t. And I’m very grateful for it!

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Create an emergency fund

Create an emergency fund

How an emergency fund reduces the bumps on the road

“When it rains, it pours.” Have you heard this saying? It’s referring how when something bad (or good) happens, it generally happens a couple of times. And guess what! It happened to us recently. A medical bill, a new laptop and a dead car this week. Thank goodness we had an emergency fund! Otherwise these unplanned expenses would have left us with a major bump. We want you to feel financially more secure for this unknowns and here are our tips for you to create an emergency fund.

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Clear Your Clutter Day 2018

Clear your clutter day

Make space this Clear Your Clutter Day

Tomorrow is “Clear Your Clutter Day 2018”! The founder of, Jasmine Birtles, set it up to help “live simpler, more clutter-free lives”. Tomorrow, get rid of what’s weighing you down and make space for the things you truly enjoy. You don’t where to start?

Grab a bag and start with one area. This could be a drawer, a shelf or your coffee table.

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44 things to declutter before the end of 2017

What you can declutter easily

This year is almost over and many of my clients and friends are looking forward to 2018. Some are taking a few days off, spending time with the family and relaxing after a few busy weeks at work. Isn’t it amazing how we can be so focused and productive just to meet the weekly, monthly or even annual targets? Wouldn’t it be great to always be that driven?

Getting rid of unnecessary items in your home and office can give you that focus! Creating space, you see what really matters, what’s truly urgent and you can act accordingly, saving you time and energy. So what do we recommend you declutter in the final days of 2017? Here’s our list of 44 items you can easily let go:

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7 things to declutter this week

What will you let go this week?

What are your plans for this week? A big presentation, a dinner with friends and some celebrations maybe? Take each day of this week to free yourself up from clutter in your home. It’s a simple as 1-2-3!

What are some easy areas for you to declutter this week? Here are our 7 inspirations for you: 

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Pack your hospital bag

Are you ready for your hospital stay?

Being hospitalised can be daunting and scary for many. I remember my surgery in 2012 and while it was the best thing for me, my family was worried. There’s the risk any surgery brings along. You never know the outcome and having a doctor who’s well trained and experienced in the field can make a difference. Equally important is a doctor you can talk to, who answers your questions and listens to your concerns is vital. With so much on your mind, packing is probably at the bottom of your thoughts. That’s why we prepared this checklist for you!

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