Benefits of downsizing

Benefits of downsizing to an apartment

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors.

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors. For some reason, it’s still associated with retirees, aging and possibly preparing for the final step. We don’t believe that downsizing is only for the elderly. In fact, downsizing offers great benefits for all ages.

Less to maintain in a smaller space

This sounds like a no brainer, right? Living in a smaller space, you have less square footage to clean. This will obviously take less time to dust and vacuum, less water to mop the floors and fewer cleaning materials. The less cleaning we have to do, ah, what a relieve!

When downsizing, you’ll also have less to look after and maintain. Just think about moving from a 5-bedroom-home to a 4-bedroom-home. That’s one bathroom less to clean and ensure shower, sink and the loo are properly working. It’s also very probable that you’ll a smaller roof that needs to be checked for holes (remember the rain last week?). You’ll have few rain gutters to clear off dead leaves and other dirt.

Get rid of home repair when downsizing

More time for you

Having less to maintain when you’ve downsized, you’ll find more time and you’re removing the complex question: “Which one should I choose?” Instead of making a decision quickly, you’re probably reconsidering your options. If it’s about what to wear that day, you may be changing your outfit once, maybe even more often, before you’re dressed. You’ve already wasted valuable decision making powers on your outfit while (most likely) far more important questions are awaiting for you throughout the day.

You will know which outfits make you feel good and look good on you. There’s no more “oh just in case I’ll keep this dress.” How many of those just in case dresses do you have? Some of our clients had most of their wardrobe filled with such items. Working with us, they realised they wanted the free space more than holding onto an outfit that fitted them 6 years ago. When you’ve lost the weight, you can buy yourself a new pair of trousers.

Enjoy more free time

Even lower rent after downsizing

You’ll have seen rents come down over the last few months. These days, you can get the prime locations for a fraction of what they were a few years ago. For tenants like us, it’s good news. It’s also a good time to move and save on even more rent.

Many expats here have a larger home than what they need. “All of our friends will visit us. We’ll need this much space.” How often have you heard this? Very often. All these friends who wanted to visit, well, many never made it out here yet. And let’s be honest. By now, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever come to explore your city and still, you’re paying more to keep that extra bedroom for them.

Even if you get visitors, there are such fabulous package deals. It’s often cheaper to book flight + hotel than just the flight. Your friends will get the true holiday experience while you can enjoy your space at night and lower rent throughout the entire year.

Pay lower rent when downsizing

Less to pack and move next time

If you’re an expat like we are, you’ll move either back to your home country or move onto another assignment at some stage. Most countries in the world don’t have as generous homes as this region has and adjustment can be quiet tough. Just ask friends of ours who recently moved to the UK and Europe. Where will all this stuff fit?

You’re lucky enough for your employer to pay for your move. Unfortunately, not everyone will have this luxury and you may be in a surprise when you see international moving rates. Having downsized before you’re moving saves you not only money. It will also reduce the hassle of selling unwanted items at the last minute and then finding how to place your existing furniture and belongings in your new home.

Pack fewer boxes when downsizing

“I haven’t used it here, I won’t use it in my new home.” If that describes you, it’s time to declutter, even if you’re not going to downsize.

What are your thoughts about downsizing? Are you up for it in the foreseeable future?

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