Quit your job?

Really quit your job?

There seems to be an increasing amount of frustrations amongst employees. Who doesn’t know those days when you’re annoyed with the boss or colleagues, having to change a client project for the 10th time or being stuck in heavy traffic to and from your office? Who hasn’t experienced a day when they weren’t bored and felt there was no room for them to grow and develop? All these little things can add to something big and then what? Quit?

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Maximise your network

Create and foster a powerful network

These days, it’s a must to build and look after your network. When looking for a job, you’ll recognise the importance of an authentic network as 70-80% of jobs aren’t even advertised. Instead of going through hundreds of CVs, companies are relying on their employees to refer the right candidate.

But a valuable network is not only for job seekers.

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Where will 2017 take you?

Make time for your personal development in 2017

At the end of the year, many companies are carrying out performance reviews. You may have had your manager ask you: “What do you want to do next year?” While getting on that one project you so wanted, this question gives you the opportunity to think about something bigger. Where do you want to go?

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Give yourself time to think

When can you think?

It’s Thursday and although it’s a short week, it’s been manic. I felt like I was working on 20 different projects at the same time. Rather than stopping to think, prioritising my day, yes, I just kept going. There was no progress whatsoever and it was horrible! Do you know this feeling?

Today is the day to change this! I’ve taking some time out to think and so should you.

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Leave the office prepared for tomorrow

Use the last 15 min today for tomorrow

Are you still in the office? Still stuck in that never ending meeting? And you’ve still so much paper on your desk? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to get back in control?

Take the last 15-30 minutes of your workday today and prepare for tomorrow!

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Declutter for your job search!

Too much stuff hindering your job search?

Do you remember last week’s post about finding a job? Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Why it then so difficult to land that job? Of course, there are general external factors like the general economic climate, availability of vacancies in your field.

But many candidates are blocked internally. They can’t get their head around the job search and aren’t as effective as they could be. Here are 3 great tips to give you that clarity needed to land that job!

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Nature, interior design and productivity

Highlights from this year’s INDEX exhibition

This was a busy week for me. INDEX, the largest exhibition for interior design, took place in the DWTC. I couldn’t wait for its doors to open and being amazed by the beautiful designs, patterns and colours. This year, I also made it part of my own learning to attend a number of design talks.

I’m so happy to bring you the highlights of the most powerful presentations to you. Let they bring creativity, inspiration and peace of mind right to your home!

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