Chasing money or pursue your dream?

What’s your dream worth to you?

Do you have your dream job? A few days ago, my friend and I were talking about this job. Disliking it was the understatement of the year. Yet, it finances his lifestyle and he was not willing to walk away from this. It made me think – a lot. Do you know what’s important to you?

The decision to dream big

It’s been quite some time ago when I decided to quit the daily rat race. Frustrated by the way companies treated their employees, I no longer wanted to be part of it and set up Organised Life and Mind where I can give my clients peace of mind again!

Even though this move was carefully prepared, there are bits I simply did not anticipate – at all or at the degree I did. Wearing numerous hats has been a great learning curve – I should start an MSc in IT! I’m still not used to the financial pressures, especially during slow months, or the feeling of disappointment when a promising prospect falls through.

Living the dream

However, the dream to lead Organised Life and Mind has also made me re-examine my life and what’s important to me. I’ve streamlined what I really need to live and you’ve read about my no pending month experiences. Simplifying my lifestyle also meant using more of what I have, while wasting less.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m neither a minimalist nor did I write off luxury. But for me, there’s no need for a brunch every weekend nor is luxury always in the traditional definition.

Instead, I’ve become more grateful, especially for my loved ones and for the friends who stuck with me and who’ve supported me over the years. Little words of encouragement were so much more appreciated. It probably strengthened and deepened my relationships!

For me, living my dream is more than just finances. It’s flexibility, it’s freedom and it’s giving me so much more than I ever imagined! I’m living in line with my values!

Should I stay or should I go now?

My history teacher played this song from The Clash over and over. Maybe he, just like my friend, faced the question: Should I quit a horrible job which pays well or should I live my life according to my values and principles?

For many, financial obligations don’t give them an option to resign – or so they think. Other are pro-actively looking for a new role and are working with recruitment consultants, attending networking sessions and ask their friends to keep an eye open for them. Some may even take the time in a challenging role as the time to save as much as possible. It’s allowing them to resign when it becomes unbearable for them, regardless if they have a new job lined up or Plan B sorted. Others are looking at other areas in their life to find the satisfaction and enrichment that their job can’t provide.

As for my friend, he values his lifestyle more than a fulfilling job, although he lamented how he missed exciting work. Considering we spend around 9 hours, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, doesn’t this sound like a huge sacrifice?

Where does that leave you?

Whether you love not having to worry about money, are hungry for that next promotion or want to live in balance and experience happiness, it’s up to you! You can ask your family and friends or search the internet for advice. In the end, you’ll need to decide what’s important for you.

Once you know what you want, you can create your action plan. If it’s a career change, you can take courses, look for projects that give you that particular exposure at work or volunteer at a charity to gain that practical experience. Is you goal to become financially independent? Learn how to save and invest, building passive income at the same time. If you want to take a sabbatical, calculate how much you need to travel the world. Decide what will happen with your household and consider how you’ll re-enter the workforce.

Whether you’ll chase the money or live your dream, you own your decision.

Until next time,

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