Decluttering according to your zodiac star sign

Decluttering according to your zodiac sign

No, we don’t really care about your zodiac sign

We recently stumbled across an article “Decluttering according to your Zodiac Sign”. As much as find horoscopes entertaining, someone else must have thought that too. After all, what got your star sign to do with decluttering?

For us as a Leo, it said to tackle our closet. Now, that’s not for us. We constantly remove what no longer fits. As we see it, our weight gain has made numerous folks happy.

We looked through the article and discovered some cool decluttering projects:

  • Your purse or your laptop bag
  • The culinary space aka your kitchen
  • Your phone and the zillion apps, pictures and contacts on it
  • Your book collection

Over the next 7 days, take 15 minutes each day and free up some space for you and your family.

Your purse or laptop bag

Decluttering your purse or laptop bag can lift such a heavy weight of your shoulder. Empty it out and see what’s all in it. You may want to be close to a bin as you discover the content.

  • Throw out old receipts, parking tickets and post it stickers.
  • Do you have any dried up candy? Throw it out.
  • What make up do you carry with you? If you don’t use it regularly, leave it at home.
  • How many chargers and power banks do you have? Can you leave them at home or at least reduce the number?
  • Any old magazine articles or books? Get them out.
  • How many pens and pencils, notepads, stickers and so on do you keep in your purse?

Declutter your purse according to your zodiac start sign

Your kitchen

This week, only look at the food that’s in your pantry. This way, you can focus. Save yourself some money and reduce your food waste. Start by looking at what needs to go first.

  • Which food has already expired? Throw it out.
  • Are there any spices or herbs where you don’t smell anything anymore? Throw them out.
  • Which food is nearing its best by day? Cook something with them – soon! Need some inspirations? Try this recipe finder.

Your phone

The tricky one and one that many of us procrastinate. It’s not taking up any space.

  • How many apps do you have that you don’t use? Delete these.
  • Which contacts do you have in your address book that you haven’t heard from in over months or years? Delete them.
  • When was the last time you backed up your phone? Do it this week.

Decluttering according to your zodiac star sign old books library

Your book collection

This is possible a tough one so let’s make it easy for you. We’ll ask you to answer only these 3 questions:

  • Do you have any books 2x or 3x? Donate the extra editions to your local (open) library.
  • Are there any books you simply don’t enjoy reading? Add them to the pile for the library.
  • Do you have any recent and well kept student books which you no longer need? So, sell them before the next academic year starts in August/September.

This week will fly by and you’ll be so glad you’ve taken 15 minutes to declutter. It may not be according to your zodiac sign. Quite frankly, you can declutter for any star sign and then embark on your organising journey.

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