It’s NOW

It’s NOW (National Organising Week)

Let’s get organised with NOW

We are super excited!!! Today’s the first day of NOW, the National Organising Week, is here. The decision to have NOW at the beginning of November was easy. This week will give you the start to declutter and make space in your home. It will set you up for stress-free Thanksgiving, National Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Most importantly, NOW will give you peace of mind. No matter what the busy last few weeks of 2018 will throw at you, you can handle it!!

So let’s get started with NOW.

Pick a focus area

NOW will take place for one week (5-11 November). For some, this may sound like a lot of time. For others, it may be way too short. No matter which one you are, NOW is all about making a start, a first step.

As such, pick an area you want to tackle. This could be your closet, your kid’s toys or get ready for your VAT or personal income return.

Be realistic if you are looking to declutter more than one area during NOW. You may be asked to work overtime, spontaneously arrange to meet a friend or, like some of our friends, get sick. These little unplanned events could become quite a nuisance if you’ve put too much on your NOW decluttering to do list.

Potentially, you may get too frustrated with your own progress and you may be tempted to stop (or actually stop). So, be honest with yourself, how much can you really take on this week.

Set time aside

Once you’ve decided which area(s) you will focus on, look at your calendar. This will most likely go jointly with the previous point.

Now, block time in your calendar. Get your calendar out and actually put it in. You know the saying. “If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t get done.” We want you to tackle the area you picked!

One big decluttering marathon

Make decisions

NOW is about making decisions just as it is to part from things that no longer suit you.

Have 3 boxes or bags ready when you start: One of the items that will be thrown out, one for those to be donated and one for those up for sale.

Look at each item in the area you want to declutter and organise and ask yourself:

  1. Do I use it regularly? If yes, keep it.
  2. If I haven’t used it in the last 3-6 months, will I use it in the next 3-6 months?
  3. Do I love it?
  4. Does this piece of clothing suit me and make me feel and look good?
  5. Is it stained, broken or ripped?
  6. Do I have multiples of this item?

If you have answered “no” to questions 2-5, decide what you want to do with it: Donate or sell. Did you answer question 5 with “yes”, throw it out.

Said “yes” to question 6 and it’s well kept? Donate or sell it.

Regularly declutter your wardrobe stuff

Organise what’s left

All the items that you’re keeping need to get a home. A place where they belong. Where you can return them to once you’re done with them. That’s the closet or chest of drawer for clothes, kitchen cupboards for plates, mugs and glasses, a location near the TV for the remote control.

Choose a location that makes sense for you and your family. Use clear containers if you like to work with baskets. It allows everyone to see immediately what’s inside. Don’t’ have clear containers? Add a label at the front. No more unnecessary pulling out and not being able to find what you were looking for. Trust us, it works! And your husband will quickly see the benefits of these labels, too.

Okay, so let’s start with this year’s NOW!

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