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Start your DIY projects the right way

Have fun with your DIY projects

Last week was the final episode of The Block. 6 couples transformed a home, garden and garage over 6 weeks. The journey and the results were incredible. My friend’s husband decided to start his own DIY renovation. A day before the in-laws arrived, he decided their living room needed painting. You can see what’s coming. A large part of the house in DIY chaos and additional stress for my friend. We’re taking her experience as an inspiration for organised and stress-free DIY.

Have one list for all your DIY projects

This may seem counter-intuitive. Keep all your DIY projects consolidated. You can write down different bits like:

  • What do I want to do? Paint the hallway
  • Which room? Hallway
  • What do I need? 1 gallon of paint, paint brush, roller plate and paint pan, masking tape and covering planes
  • How long will it take? 30-45 minutes to cover up, 1 hour for the first coat, drying time and 1 hour for the second coat
  • Do I need to buy anything? 1 gallon of paint, everything else is in the garage
  • How much will it cost? AED 140 (USD 38)

Should you ever get bored, you can simply pull out the DIY list and find a project based on the time you’ve available. For example, creating the herbal garden may take only 1 hour, provided you have the pots, soil and seeds. If a trip to the garden centre is required, it may take 3-4 hours.

Honey-to-do list DIY projects

Be realistic about the resources needed

Sometimes it’s not just the free time you need. You also need the materials.

Don’t start a project without knowing what’s all required. Measure out the space if you’re thinking of painting, putting up wallpaper or tiling.

Write down what all you need. Before you rush out, and you know this is our advice, check what you have at home.

DIY Projects Everything

Don’t overestimate your skills

DIY projects are so rewarding. You can work with your hands which is different for all of us with an office job. You also see what you’ve accomplished. No matter how many DIY Network videos you’ve watch, there are areas which, unless you’re trained, you shouldn’t attempt:

  • Electrical re-wiring
  • Removing mold
  • Anything related to gas and gas pipes

What projects are on your list? We’re looking at re-potting our plants. The dieffenbachias are taller than the door frame and need extra support and space. If you need a plant that is forgiving when you forgot to water it, get one of these. They’re the easiest plants to look after.

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