Use your resources wisely

How to get the most with the resources you got

You’ve all heard it: “Less is more.” Especially with Ramadan being here, we will have less working hours in the day and if you’re fasting, your body will feel more exhausted quicker. Managing your resources will be vital during the Holy Month but it shouldn’t stop here.

Once the summer is over (or even before that), companies will be pushing full steam ahead and are expecting high productivity. Yet, you’re probably not getting additional team members to support your work project. How many activities will your kids enrol at school and how many will you need and/or want to attend? Your spouse may also want to spend some quality time with you alone? It sounds exhausting just writing about it.

So how do you manage your resource well and avoid being depleted by the end of the day?

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Your wellbeing

Get a healthy mind, body and life

Can you believe it? Time is flying. A number of my clients and friends vowed to make changes to their lifestyle at the beginning of the year. It’s now June and where are they with living a healthier and active life?

This week, I spoke at the 20th Compensation & Benefits Forum where you could see a clear trend of companies emphasising wellbeing initiatives and supporting their employees with their wellbeing goals. It was fantastic to hear companies are being more concerned about their employees’ wellbeing. What small and lasting changes can you make to your wellbeing? Here are some of the trends and tips:

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Ramadan 2016

Are you ready for the holy month of Ramadan?

In less than a week, the holy month of Ramadan will start. Muslims will bring daily sacrifices by fasting and will be rehearsing the Koran. It’s a time where friends and family come together. Regardless of their religions, Iftar meals are enjoyed throughout the country. The holy month is also a time for reflection which we so often neglect. This special month can also be a very busy one.

How can you prepare for Ramadan 2016?

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Nature, interior design and productivity

Highlights from this year’s INDEX exhibition

This was a busy week for me. INDEX, the largest exhibition for interior design, took place in the DWTC. I couldn’t wait for its doors to open and being amazed by the beautiful designs, patterns and colours. This year, I also made it part of my own learning to attend a number of design talks.

I’m so happy to bring you the highlights of the most powerful presentations to you. Let they bring creativity, inspiration and peace of mind right to your home!

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Stay within your budget

How to avoid overspending

You may say setting up a budget and tracking your actual expenses was challenging. Today, I’m going to ask you to go one step further and to take a step towards staying within your budget and avoiding overspending.

We are approaching Ramadan. Muslims will be celebrating this holy month with their friends and families. Special meals will be cooked or Muslims and non-Muslims enjoy delicious Iftar meals in restaurants. It’s a time when it’s so easy to spend just a little bit more on food and eating out, new clothes, presents for Eid and so on.

Let’s have a look at how you can stay within your budget and avoid overspending. Here are 10 great tips to help you succeed:

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