We’re finally on a break this week!

We're on a break this week

We’re finally enjoying a break from the heat

We’ve waited so long for this week. It’s our summer holiday and we’re finally getting a break from the heat.

Last week, we’ve wrapped up the last projects, packed as light as possible and slept through most of the first flight. During our long layover, we managed to catch up with an ex-colleague which felt so good! Are you still in touch with your work friends?

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10 Travel hacks

Go further with these 10 travel hacks

Summer is over? Not so much. It’s pretty hot here and most of us are thinking of a trip to cooler temperatures: Northern Europe, South Africa or Australia offer that break from the heat. You’ve been away already and can’t afford another trip? Think again and let us show you some of the best travel hacks for another holiday.

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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

How to prepare for your Christmas now

Did you ever hear about Christmas in July? Yes, it’s a comedy movie from the 1940s (still haven’t watched it). It’s also the Aussies way of celebrating a traditional Christmas in the cooler temperatures. Most of the country is experiencing temperatures of 35 C and above at Christmas. So it’s no wonder they prefer some shrimps on the barbie over a big stuffed bird.

If you’re not in Australia, you may still have a peaceful  and stress-free Christmas with our simple tips to prepare for yours in December!

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Why you need a break aka a holiday

It’s time to book your holiday

Last year, we urged you to do nothing for an entire weekend. Today, we’re asking you to take it further: Take a long break aka a holiday!

We did exactly that. Over Eid, we decided to go away and what a beautiful holiday we had. We were able to catch up with friends, enjoy good food and simply relaxed. When was the last time you went on a proper holiday?

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5 Travel hacks you need to know

5 Travel hacks

Save money with these 5 travel hacks

Do you ever talk to the person in the seat next to you when flying? Most of the time, we exchange a short chat before take off and maybe talk a little more before landing. As we were travelling from Greece to Jordan, we had a fascinating conversation with Mr. Aussie. He travelled to over 150 countries! His travel stories led us to today’s blog: 5 travel hacks you need to know.

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We’re on holidays

Greetings from Greece holidays

We’re taking this week off to catch up with friends and family, enjoy the cooler temperatures and eat plenty of delicious food.

We’ll be back with our latest organising tips focusing on YOU next Monday again. Some of you have emailed us, looking for tips on meal planning, paper clutter and managing a busy calendar. Expect these and many more topics to come in the following weeks.

If you like us to focus on certain areas to make your life easier, drop us a note.

Until next week,


Don’t wait for that special moment

Don’t wait for that special moment

Create your own special moment

Earlier this month, a friend finally came to visit. Originally, she was to fly with 2 other friends. Getting 3 friends to book an overseas trip is not that easy. Family commitments, no time off from work, financial constraints, you know how it is. So said to herself: “Why wait?”

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Taking a looong trip?

Get your home ready before you’ll get on that trip

Who doesn’t want to go on a long trip? The Japanese way of touring Europe within 7 days doesn’t appeal to me. I was brought up with summer holidays lasting between 3 weeks to 3 months. We loved the summers on the beach and I’d be game for a longer holiday again, right now! What about you? Have you thought of taking a sabbatical or a longer trip?

Before you can get on that plan, have your home prepared. Here’s our checklist for you:

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