How to cope during a new lockdown (Part 1)

Flatten the curve with a new lockdown

During lockdown, a friend spoke out what so many of us are feeling: “I can’t cook another meal.” She felt downgraded to being the cleaner of her family. Going into a new lockdown, she’s desperately trying to stay cool and not freak out. Does that sound familiar?

We’ve asked our community and are super happy to share their best tips for you (part 1):

Create a routine

Especially when you have children, a daily routine is key, says Silke: Waking up at the same time, getting ready for school, going outside during the breaks, eating a healthy lunch, continuing home school before turning off the laptop.

Build in time for play, read books, make some creative projects, exercise without another screen. Do you have younger children? Introduce quiet time for them to come down and chill.

As a busy mom, Silke recommends to also block some time for yourself – alone!

Help around the house

Assign chores – Not just during lockdown

Involve your partner and children as much as possible. Everyone should be able to pick up their dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. Help your kids to make their beds. You’d be surprised how a floor with no laundry and a

Depending on your kids’ ages, they can set the table, fill and empty the dishwasher, water the plants, load the washing machine, hang up laundry, fold or hang their clothes. Older children can also help vacuuming or mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom or feeding the pets.

Amira keeps her family chore plan on the fridge and also puts it in her family What’s App group. No excuses for anyone anymore!

Give everyone a basket

Everybody can pick up their stuff and put it away. If you have a house, you can put baskets for each family member at the bottom of your stair case. You can put their stuff in here and they can carry it upstairs once a day.

In your living room, use baskets or containers where your kids can easily put in their toys or where you can store blankets.

Reduce your expectations

Your home is probably not going to be perfect during a lockdown. That’s okay!

You’re juggling so many responsibilities and there’ll be times when you’ll grab that frozen pizza for dinner. If dishes aren’t put away in the same order as you’d do it, let it go. It doesn’t always need to be perfect.

Yona from Melbourne who’s spent 112 days in lockdown realised how challenging some days were. “Sometimes you just don’t care.” For her, it was important that her children could talk with their friends. Yona decided to ignore the usual screen time limits.

Load the dishwasher

Change your meal routine

Who’s tired of the question: “What’s for dinner?” To get around this daily dilemma, Nicolle in Abu Dhabi subscribed to Hello Chef. The food delivery company brings a box with all the ingredients necessary for your family members. They include the recipe and describe step-by-step how to prepare the meal. She has not only gained peace of mind.

Lorena who also signed up for a local food delivery service for 3 days a week has even seen two big advantages. She doesn’t need to go to the supermarket that often anymore and the food waste reduce in her household. Lorena and her family are now also treating themselves to one take out meal per week. In a household where both parents are working, it just makes it easier for them. Happy parents, happy kids!

Watch out for the continuation of our tips next week!

Tell us what’s been your favourite tip to coping with a lockdown. Can’t wait to hear what’s worked for you!

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