Cope in a new lockdown 2

How to cope during a new lockdown (Part 2)

How long will this lockdown last?

Europe has announced new lockdown measurements and it’s tough for a lot of us. Following last week’s part 1, let’s see how we can help you cope with the new restrictions. Here are tips and tricks that work for members of our community:

Exercise during lockdown

You may remember Joe Wicks from the first lockdown. His 30 minutes for kids and adults may be a challenge or just right for you. Perhaps you’re more into Cosmic Yoga Kids or Ainsley Rodriguez’ programmes.

Kristin in Singapore ensured to go outside every morning. Some days she managed just 5 minutes, on other days she cycled for 30 minutes. This time also became her me time which gave her the energy to handle what the day had in stock for her.

Continue to exercise

Learn something new

Finally learning French seemed to be what many had planned at the beginning of the first lockdown. How many actually continued?

It seems like playing an instrument is now the trend. Antje started playing the guitar with her online teacher and Bettina the drums. For Bettina, it’s also a way to let go off any frustrations.

Journal during lockdown

Leila found her diary a blessing during the last lockdown and she has continued to journal. Effective journaling has shown to engage your rational left side of the brain, reflecting on the events of the day.

In addition, it will encourage you to take actions and define your goals. Writing down your goals will support you achieving them.

Digest your emotions during lockdown

Arrange regular sessions with your support network

During lockdown, we may seem to spend time with only our family. No matter how much we love them, we may need to see or talk to others. Schedule a virtual coffee with your friends or relatives further away.

Challenge yourself

Looking for more inner peace, Katrin signed up for the “Release Anxiety Challenge” on The Tapping Solution App (disclaimer: we have NO affiliation with this app and we do NOT endorse it.). Katrin mentioned their little tapping exercises have helped her to become calmer in a shorter time. Apps like Headspace and Calm have similar programmes.

Seek professional help

Being away from friends and family can be tough even in normal times. Not being able to see anyone outside your family adds another level of complexity to already stressful times. Susan in Oman decided to speak with a qualified therapist online. She help her to re-discover positivity and showed her coping mechanisms to not be defined by her thoughts.

Go on an adventure

Have some fun

If you are in a lockdown, where you can only go within a 3-5 km radius of your home, like it’s the case in Ireland, make the weekends count. Go out for a walk or bike ride with your family. Soak up some Vitamin D while you can. It may help you regulate your mood and give you a stronger sense of wellbeing.

Do you have a garden? Grow some vegetables and watch them grow. You can even create a herbal garden in your kitchen!

Make some time for your personal spa. Cut up cucumber slices and have everyone relax with them on their eyes. Colour your nails and spend some girly time with your daughters.

Is your city going into a new lockdown? With the regulations changing in many countries around the world, be mindful of others and protect yourself. Find the activities (this includes taking breaks!) that give you the strength and peace to handle the current restrictions.

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