Ramadan Kareem Try New

Ramadan Kareem – Try something new

Try these 3 activities this Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy month for Muslim, has started today. During this month, local businesses reduce their working hours by 2 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to use the extra time and to try something new. If you are a non-Muslim, you may even see it as a part-time or mini-sabbatical without losing any income. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and try out these 3 activities!

Volunteer your time

So often, we long for purpose. You read more and more about millennials choosing a company that cares about a cause. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one way for organisations to make a difference in their local community and on a global level. While volunteer days are already available in some companies, does your employer offer this benefit? If you’re unsure, ask your line manager or HR.

If time off for volunteering isn’t available in your company, that shouldn’t stop you from volunteering. There are plenty of worthwhile causes, ranging from education and literacy, children, health, animals to environmental topics. Volunteers.ae, for example, is holding its Ramadan “Back to School” campaign from 18-21 May. It’s a few hours where volunteers pack school bags for children in Senegal and Zanzibar. We’ll be there! Come and say hello!

Ramadan Kareem Support a Cause

Learn something new

10,000 hours are apparently required to master a skill. Fair enough you won’t have this much time during Ramadan. Yet, why not take a course and learn a new skill? What did you always wanted to try or maybe even try changing careers?

There are plenty of option to learn these days. Udemy and edX offer online courses, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee with life-long access. Evening schools and universities also continuous learning courses as reduced rates.

You don’t have to stick to formal courses. Watch a YouTube video or read a book. Is your friend interested in the same topic? Team up and discuss what you’ve seen, heard or read. You’d be surprised how enriching such an exchange can be.

As a next step, put your theoretical knowledge into practice. For example, you’ve watched how to sew the dress, now let’s get your fabric out and make yours.

Ramadan Kareem find your challenge

Challenge yourself

Personal growth may not only come from taking courses. Challenge yourself!

A former client told me about her trip to a 10-day-long silent Vipassana meditation retreat. For her, it’s all about being still, forgetting all the cr.. she deals with at work and, most importantly, testing herself. She calls herself crazy and yet, she’s curious about her self-imposed challenge.

Now, you don’t need to join her. Your personal challenge this Ramadan could be very different. If you’re in the Middle East, you may want to fast for a day. Or you could go on a no-spend day, where you don’t spend any money. You may try to cut out all meat from your diet. If you’re living in the Midwest of the US, that may be your challenge. Are you hooked to your social media? Challenge yourself to screen-free evenings.

This Ramadan offers you an excellent opportunity to change your daily routine and do something for yourself. Whether you’ll see this time as a chance to work on the projects on your to-do-list or try out a new activity, use it! 4 weeks will go by very quickly. What are you waiting for?

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