Reflect on your year

Reflect on your year

How was this year for you?

As we’re getting closer to the end of 2018, you may be thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. Before you set them, take some time out. Reflect on this year. After all, there are still some days in 2018. We’ve collected our top 10 questions for you to look back and take stock.

Ask yourself

You may want to look at your calendar, diaries, photos or social media when going through these questions. You can also review the last year on a month-by-month basis, if that makes it easier for you.

  1. What did you create in 2018?
  2. How fulfilled are you in the different parts of your life (family, career, relationships, spiritual)?
  3. What was/were your biggest struggle(s) in 2018?
  4. Who or what was your biggest positive surprise this year?
  5. How have you looked after yourself and your needs (physical, mental, social and spiritual) this year?
  6. What have you discovered about yourself this year?
  7. How did you push the boundaries of your comfort zone?
  8. Who or what were you grateful for in 2018?
  9. Which periods of this year reflected how you want to live?
  10. Have your relationships been as you wanted them to?

Be honest with yourself Reflect on your year

Greater awareness

As we reflect, we learn a lot about ourselves. We can use these insights and adjust our behaviour, actions and routines. This awareness also helps us achieve a particular goal, improve our relationships or become a better person in general. Isn’t that what we all thrive to?

If there are any questions you’ve avoided answering, go back to them. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to be honest to ourselves. These answers, however, can also give you the biggest insights and give you the biggest leaps forward.

The new year

Based on your answers, you can set priorities for 2019. You can shape new habits which will lead you closer to the life you wish to live – with a greater sense of purpose and happiness.

You can also use these 3 questions to

  1. What dream(s) do you have for 2019?
  2. What will you do differently next year? Why?
  3. What will you do more of? What less of?

Now over to you. When are you going to reflect on your 2018?

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