Why you should get up before sunrise

Why you should get up before sunrise

See a sunrise just once

Have you ever had this? A bad dream or thoughts racing through your mind keeping you awake at night? I unfortunately experienced one of those nights recently. It sucked!

From 2 am, I was awake, finally dozed off, just to be woken up 5 minutes later. By 5 am, I’ve had it and went for a walk along the beach. My first intentional walk before sunrise!

What am I doing

My first enthusiasm of doing something completely different turned into skepticism. It was still dark. There was one older man walking a bit away from me. One car had already driven off. What am I doing here?

I kept telling myself “Just wait for the sunrise, it’ll be worth it.” Somehow my inner self didn’t believe that it how good early morning walks are.

The first step

Going back to insomnia was not an option. So I took the first step in the padded running lane along the beach. The older man had caught up with me and I let him lead the way. There’s something about having another walker, even if you don’t speak to each other. A bit of comfort and security. I’ve never walked this route and it was very good to rely on my lead.

Learn while you're at the beach

A different view

When I’ve finally passed some restaurants I’ve visited previously, it was amazing to see how short they’re only closed. The first shift started there. But also on some of the construction sites I saw and maids were preparing the majlis, the entertainment areas in local homes.

While for me this early hour is normally reserved for sleep, I was really taken aback by the number of people already outside before sunrise. Is this city turning into a morning bird?

The athletes

Whether it was running, jogging, swimming or doing yoga, they were all at the beach. Many individuals also walked, which, given the temperatures, was more to my liking.

Working out in the morning has many benefits. Research found that it gives more energy for the rest of the day. Completing your exercise gives you also the feeling of accomplishment. You’ve already finished a task before sunrise. You’re set for a day of achievements!

The thinker

I’ve crossed a few individuals who simply sat and watched the world go by before sunrise. I asked myself whether this is their little time to reflect and find peace before the city wakes up. Did I actually ask these guys? No. I left them in peace.

Practicing meditation and reflection in the morning comes with a number of benefits, too. Doing it before sunrise or shortly after you wake, your mind hasn’t been be occupied with so-called emergencies. Your mind is clear and meditation gives you the headspace to focus the tasks awaiting you that day.

Feeling energised by the sunrise

The families

This was probably the biggest surprise. I’ve seen a number of families unpacking their cars, getting coolers out and having breakfast before sunrise. The kids were playing football and despite the early hours, already full of energy.

Family time can be really squeezed with everyone pursuing different interests. Doing an activity together, whether as early as sunrise or after breakfast, gives you this lovely bonding experience. You never know how much longer your kids want to be with you (just ask anyone with teenagers about this) and you may want to make these years last. How many of your friends can say they took their kids to a breakfast picnic to the beach? Now that’s a memory you and they won’t forget!

When was the last time you were out before sunrise? Tell us about your experience.

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