Why save it for the afterlife

What the Ancient Egyptians have with us in common

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians believed in afterlife being perfect? My business friend Mrs F explained to me that they’d keep things in multiples. During their life, they’d use one piece over an over. It becomes used up, loses its shine and potentially also its purpose. Instead of using one of the other ones, no, they kept on using this old piece. The bright, shiny and new one was reserved for their afterlife. Sounds familiar?

Still waiting for that special moment?

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. 3,000 years later and we are still saving our stuff for that special occasion. At least, we’ve moved on and are not waiting for our afterlife to use it. But how ironic, or should it be sad, that we haven’t learnt to use our items?

Live today 2020

Start using it today

Pull out that fancy china you only use on Christmas. It’s been and still is a difficult year for many of us. Who knows what will happen by the time Christmas comes along. Set tomorrow’s dinner table with that wonderful china, which makes you so happy. Let it cheer you up and enjoy the special Wednesday evening moment.

Recognise that each day is special

Last month, we’ve lost a very dear family friend. When I said good-bye to him at the end of last year, I was convinced that I’d see him next time I’m in my home time. Within less than 2 weeks of being diagnosed, he was taken.

Don’t wait until you know afterlife is about to being. Be aware of important each day is. Cherish it and make it special in your very own ways.

Make someone else happy

You’ve probably heard of the story with the woman who saved her outfit for a special date with her husband. She passed away before she could wear these clothes.

You can take on

I bet you have keep clothes that you’re waiting to wear again. Once you’ve lost those 7 extra pounds is one of the most often quoted reasons we’re holding on to clothes that don’t fit. Give them to someone who can actually wear them now. That black business suit… let’s face it, you’re not going to wear it anyway. It makes you look pale and there’s a person who’s desperately looking for a new job. Having a suit to wear for the interview will give them the confidence the need to convince the recruiter they’re right for this role.

While it’s easy to hold on and preserve an item for the golden afterlife like the Ancient Egyptians, being alive today is a special occasion. What are you starting to use today?

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    • Thank you, Eszter. Hopefully, you are using your “special” items. Whether it’s clothes, that special china reserved for Christmas and birthdays or even special food, use it today!

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