Create a budget

How to set up a budget

Have you ever noticed how many people shriek when they hear the word budget? Yesterday, as I tackled my paper binders, I also reviewed some documents in more details. The ones which can have an impact on my budget.

My mom taught me how to set up a budget and while I don’t always stick to it (yes, I am human too), it’s been such a great gift. It allows me to plan my financial resources and take corrective actions as needed. Sounds very business like, doesn’t it? Well, it helps and makes your life easier.

If you aren’t budgeting already, try it for the summer and have more peace of mind!

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Declutter and feel liberated

Liberate yourself from stuff

Over the last few weeks, I tackled a number of smaller projects. Going through my paper folders and shredding those no longer needed.  Sorting my electronic pictures. Clearing the fancy dress outfits. Decluttering and organising my things created such a liberated feeling!

Do you want to get on a natural high? Declutter and you’ll get this feeling of being liberated! Just follow these simple steps:

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Where are my keys?

The extra spare key

Trust home petsLast weekend, I was cat sitting for one of my clients. It wasn’t the first time to look after their cats while they were travelling and we were all sorted or so we thought. Arriving at their home, the set of keys was laying inside on the dining table behind locked doors!

Luckily, my client was available over the phone and emailed their facilities manager who opened the door within an hour. You should have seen the eyes of the 3 cats. Boy where they glad I got in and they could be fed.

Where do you best keep a spare set of keys?

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How to run effective meetings

Part 2: Holding the meeting

Last week, I provided you with tips for preparing for effective meetings. Today, I want to focus on the actual meeting, what to consider when running it and how to avoid it become a waste of your and the other participants’ time. This mini-series will finish off with the follow up of the meeting results and actions.

How can you get the most out of your meeting? Let’s look at this tips for running the meeting:

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Can you ever have too many make up products?

The daily dilemma of finding your make up

Decluttering and organising a bathroom is probably one of the fun-filled activities for Organised Life and Mind. We may not spend a lot of time there. Yet, getting ready in the morning, applying the make up, preparing for the day ahead, is such a crucial time. How often are you looking for your favourite make up in the mornings?

A recent client was sick of searching for her make up and not knowing how much she all had. Our session was a fun filled afternoon, which probably sounds surprising for you. Not often do people think of organising as a fun activity. What was different here?

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How to run effective meetings

Part 1: Preparation for the meeting

Have you ever been stuck in meetings where you wondered what was going on? Or why you were even there in the first place? Unfortunately, this happened to me! It’s frustrating and makes these meetings appear as a waste of my time.

Companies can help their employees become more productive when setting up and running meetings. In fact, I’ve seen a number of organisations, mainly in the education sector, issue guidelines to their employees. For these teams, it has made them more productive and efficient. Given the limited resources we have, that’s a great achievement and in my view, we all should thrive towards more effective meeting cultures.

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