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5 organising tips for your jewellery

How to keep your jewellery organised

We’re back! After some stressful weeks finishing up work projects and falling ill a couple of times, we’re finally here again.

Let’s answer a question from one of our readers. Mrs. R asked how she can organise her jewellery. We’re delighted to bring you 5 smart ways to keep your jewellery organised.

Use bottles

Lucky Girl Finds came up with the display of bracelets in an usual way. She uses decorative, cone-shaped bottles. We can see so many ways to make these bottles stunning deco. Place some flowers in them, spray them in your favourite colour, add some glitter…

Bottle jewellery organisationCredit: Lucky Girl Finds

Think vertically

We often notice clients not using vertical spaces when organising. These faux deer antlers make for a beautiful and glittery display on your walls and is ideal to for your necklaces.

Etsy jewellery organisationAvailable from WhiteFauxTaxidermy on Etsy

Hang your jewellery up

Vertical spaces also work for smaller pieces like your earrings. Little stands like this lets you hang your earrings and see them immediately as a pair. No more searching for the second earring!

Hang jewellery organisation

Dedicate a drawer

The Container Store understands that different people have different organising needs. If you prefer your jewellery to be stored neatly away, a modular tray system in your drawer may be the right solution for you. It allows you to add more piece of the same type, when you get more jewellery.

Combine your favourite antiques

Do you have some china from your grandma or aunt that you won’t use? But also don’t want to donate or sell? Create your tiered display with them. Place a larger piece at the bottom and put a smaller one on top like Can Can Dancer documented step-by-step:

Three tier trayCredit: Can Can Dancer

We’re curious. How are you storing your jewellery? Show us pictures of your jewellery. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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