Tiny home movement

Could you live in a tiny home?

Do you follow the “Tiny Home Movement”? Tiny homes promote a simpler life and with generally less than 46m2 (500 square feet) are so tiny compared to the average American home (247.3 m2 or 2,662 sq ft). For a European, the tiny home movement may not sound that surprising. After all, in many countries, apartments with a size of 60 m2 (646 sq ft) are common. What makes this tiny home movement so special?

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Think ahead

Think ahead till the end

“Think a step ahead!” One of my old colleagues used to say it all the time and she was extremely proud to be at least one step ahead of everyone else. Indeed, thinking ahead can have numerous advantages as colleagues, friends and I have discovered over the years.

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Planning for your retirement

What planning?

Do you plan for your retirement? Or should I ask you which word scares you more: Planning or retirement? As part of my main business, I was supporting a client with their end of service (EOS) benefits which are the equivalent to a pension (or 401(k) or super) in the Middle East. A lot of employees, however, are complaining that these EOS benefits are not enough to prepare them financially for retirement. Yet, and maybe not surprisingly, many people don’t prepare more for their retirement. Why is it?

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