What are your retirement plans

What are your retirement plans?

I love staying in touch with former clients and business partners. This weekend, I was meeting one of them. Oh boy, I was in for a surprise when she shared her retirement plans!

They are going to drive across…

Africa on one motorbike! With all their belongings on the bike!

Now, you may have guessed that we weren’t working on an organising project before. Seeing the picture of the motorbike, she and her husband have minimalism down to the T.

Could you fit all your retirement essentials on this bike

Have a look at this motorbike. It has 2 boxes on the side (over the rear wheel) and a bag on the top. My client’s husband will ride into retirement (excuse the punch) while she’s sitting back. In one of the black boxes, they’ll have all the clothes they need for 12 months. The other black box will have their cooking utensils and some food while the bag (in their case another box) will hold tools for the motorbike. The tent and sleeping bag will be put next to my client.

It’s amazing that this, plus a small laptop and their passports, is pretty much all they’ll have for their 12-month-long trip. Going from South Africa up north to Egypt, their retirement will certainly kick off in a very different way to most people’s retirement. If any of you would love to ride into retirement or simply take your motorbike to new locations, my client is recommending Horizons Unlimited.

It was so awesome seeing my client excited about the next stage in her life. It’s been some time since I’ve said farewell to some of my colleagues who started their retirement. Yet, none of them were as enthusiastic about retirement as my client.

I’m still debating what amazed me more: Their plan being put into reality or their approach to what they really need for a year!

This week, I want you to answer just one question:

What are your retirement plans and/or goals?

It may be still far away or it may be slowly but surely approaching. Perhaps, you’ve started part-time retirement, e.g. you’ve reduced your hours at work or you’re still working on some projects.

Bella Italia my retirement dream

As you think about the question, you can write down your ideas, create a visualisation board or draw a picture of your retirement plans and/or goals. If you like, share them with us!

C & D, all the best for your new adventure!

Until next time,

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