How to declutter your luggage

Sort out impractical luggage

Summer is approaching quickly. Beach time, birthday parties and plenty of travel. We have a few trips planned and can’t wait to get on that plane. Are you also ready for your summer travels? This week, we’re helping you prepare for your summer holidays: By going through your luggage!

How many pieces do you have in your bedroom, basement or garage? Retailers are offering sales, tempting buyers to buy new sets. Still, many of us start with one suitcase and then add on as we travel more or expand the size of our family.

Growing up, we probably had one of the most impractical luggage but it looked so cool: A big yellow bag. It had no wheels. Once it was filled, it became too heavy to lift and carry for a long time before getting exhausted. Still, we could always spot it from miles away thanks to its bright colour (unlike our current black suitcase as we learnt on a recent trip). We can’t even tell you when we let it go!

How easily can you identify your suitcase luggage

Make a start

This week, make some time to go through your luggage.

  1. Start with the ones that have an impractical shape. Similar to our yellow bag, do you have any that you can’t lift or carry, for example?
  2. Check the ones for broken wheels, stuck zippers, torn handles or carrying strap? For bags, check also for holes.
  3. Do you have any pieces which are just too heavy? Not every piece of luggage needs to be a super light weight. For elderly travellers or those having issues lifting, a few pounds off can make a huge difference.

Storing your luggage

Once you’ve separated these bags, look at the luggage that’s left. How will you store it?

  1. How much space do you have? This may also dictate how many pieces you can keep.
  2. Will you need any help getting the pieces to their storage area (e.g. above your wardrobe)? Where would you keep that 2-foot-step ladder for example?
  3. If space is an issue and you need all pieces, can you put the smaller suitcases into the smaller suitcases into the larger one? Think of matryoshka, the Russian nesting dolls.

If you have any luggage that is still well maintained and yet, you no longer want or need, give it to someone who’ll cherish it. You can sell it on local sites like Dubizzle, donate it at a local charity or give it to a friend who needs it.

It’s your turn now. Are you ready to tackle your suitcases and bags and sort out the ones no longer fit to travel with you?

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