We're on a break this week

We’re finally on a break this week!

We’re finally enjoying a break from the heat

We’ve waited so long for this week. It’s our summer holiday and we’re finally getting a break from the heat.

Last week, we’ve wrapped up the last projects, packed as light as possible and slept through most of the first flight. During our long layover, we managed to catch up with an ex-colleague which felt so good! Are you still in touch with your work friends?

Lots of coffee

Our high school friend Mrs St, her husband and daughter flew in for the weekend. For the last 3 years, we’ve met once although living 12,200 km (7,600 mi) apart. What’s App has certainly helped strengthening the friendship we started in 1993!

We discovered a new bakery called Tatte. They’ve made the best coffee I’ve had in a very long time and if you’re in the neighbourhood, try their bourekas. So yummy!Delicious food at Tatte finally on a break

Off to new adventures

We’re now at our secret location (not so secretive if you recognise the picture) and are ready for the new week. We’re going to step outside our comfort zone and try something completely new. Is it scary? Maybe not for you. Will it hurt? Hopefully not. Will it be awesome? I certainly hope so!!!

Bear with us and we’re excited to share our experiences from this week with with you soon!

Until next time,

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