5 Travel hacks

5 Travel hacks you need to know

Save money with these 5 travel hacks

Do you ever talk to the person in the seat next to you when flying? Most of the time, we exchange a short chat before take off and maybe talk a little more before landing. As we were travelling from Greece to Jordan, we had a fascinating conversation with Mr. Aussie. He travelled to over 150 countries! His travel stories led us to today’s blog: 5 travel hacks you need to know.

While we were on our way home, Mr. Aussie was travelling to meet his next tour. Only been to some parts, he was looking forward to exploring new sights in Jordan. His first tip sounded so obvious, we couldn’t believe we’ve missed it. Then again, we’ve been super lucky enjoying staff tickets at a heavily discounted rate over the last few years.

Special offers travel hack

Find that airline mistake

For most of us in this region, air fare is one of the biggest expenses when travelling. Websites like Skyscanner or Beat That Flight search the internet for unbelievable fares. They also notify their subscribers about those erroneous fare via email. You then have a short window to book before the airline learns about the incorrect fare being posted. Mr. Aussie booked a trip from Sydney to Dubai for mere USD 400 later this year.

Maximise stop overs

Unless you live in a major hub, it’s likely that you’ve had a lay over when travelling. A layover is short period of ca 1-4 hours where you’re waiting for your next flight and are probably confined to the inside of the terminal. Khai Shing from ALABA+MA+LAYSIA shared how she’s using stop overs to extend her trips for free. Talking to the fun guys Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFi, Khai stayed in different locations en-route to her final destination for a few days.

Enjoy local treasures travel hack

Book a local home

The beloved Miss H. is currently transforming her coastal house into a tranquil and refreshing holiday home. We can’t wait for new pictures as we’re for sure going to rent it! Mr. Aussie is offering a similar home for his guests.

Instead of spending money on anonymous hotel chains, book a local AirBnB away from the masses. Get local insights from your host and explore the hidden gems. Not only will you benefit from a unique experience, you can also save money. Enjoy a selection of local cheeses with a selection of local beverages in your AirBnB’s garden.

Travel lighter

During last week’s trip, I was amazed by this couple travelling with only a backpack. No, I’m not talking about the one that’s so large (and heavy) you can barely carry it. Theirs made it through the allowed carry on specifications.

When travelling, the 80/20 principle still applies for many people. 80% of the time only 20% of the clothes are worn. So why pack all these other clothes just in case? If you’re going to attend a formal event like a wedding, maybe you want to take extra. If you’re going to relax, pack light. You can always wash your clothes, if you’re going on a longer trip, at your AirBnB.

Explore your destination travel hack

Move abroad

This was our favourite tip from Mr. Aussie. When he lived, like so many other Australians, in London, he used that as his hub to explore Europe. Our American friends A&J who are currently based in Southern Europe are following suit.

Once you have your hub, you can cut your travel costs further. Low budget airlines, trains or possibly a coach offer alternative modes of transportation for a smaller geographic area.

Being closer, you may also be able to take advantage of special weekend offers at last minute rates without having to request additional time off from work. Flying from London to Paris for the weekend is no problem. Coming from down under, you’ll need to include a few days just to beat the jet lag.

There are plenty of options for you to travel further without spending more. What are your favourite tips when travelling?

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