What do you want to do this summer?

How will you spend this summer?

This week, temperatures have gone up to 40 C/104 F. For most places, that’s really hot. Not for us in this region. Summer is not even here yet! But has that stopped you from thinking what to do this summer? With Ramadan being early, we’ll have almost 4 months of summer! Why not start thinking about your summer plans this weekend?

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Tiny home movement

Could you live in a tiny home?

Do you follow the “Tiny Home Movement”? Tiny homes promote a simpler life and with generally less than 46m2 (500 square feet) are so tiny compared to the average American home (247.3 m2 or 2,662 sq ft). For a European, the tiny home movement may not sound that surprising. After all, in many countries, apartments with a size of 60 m2 (646 sq ft) are common. What makes this tiny home movement so special?

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Parkinson’s Law or we’re oh so busy

How you can use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage

“I’m so busy.” Who hasn’t heard someone say this comment this week? Being busy seems to make many people proud. Could it be that we’re just spending too long on each activity? Parkinson’s Law would certainly support this theory. We’re wasting our time!

Productivity and efficiency aren’t new concepts. There’s more emphasis on them though. Over the last decade, US American workers logged more hours, took only 16 days off (compared to 20 days 10 years earlier) and productivity increased by only 1%. That’s a rather disappointing outcome, if you’re asking me!

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Pack your hospital bag

Are you ready for your hospital stay?

Being hospitalised can be daunting and scary for many. I remember my surgery in 2012 and while it was the best thing for me, my family was worried. There’s the risk any surgery brings along. You never know the outcome and having a doctor who’s well trained and experienced in the field can make a difference. Equally important is a doctor you can talk to, who answers your questions and listens to your concerns is vital. With so much on your mind, packing is probably at the bottom of your thoughts. That’s why we prepared this checklist for you!

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