I’m going for a walk

And so should you

Do you ever have that your knees are hurting because you haven’t moved all day? When you are so focused on your work that you don’t want to interrupt your flow? That was me last week! Different projects were finally coming along so nicely, I didn’t want to stop the progress but could feel my knees cringing for a walk.

Luckily, there’s a running track in my neighbourhood and it feels so great walking along there. It’s surrounded by greenery and at the right time of the day, it’s deserted. That’s the time when I love being out there!

Clear your head

Walking around the track gives me some head space. The environment is so different from my office that my creativity has an opportunity to come back. You’ve probably noticed it yourself. A change in scenery can inspire you and start a whole new thought process. During this week’s Wellbeing 360 conference, various speakers pointed out how we don’t give ourselves enough time to think. Schedule it in your calendar and combine it with a walk!

Learn something new

Going for a walk, I often listen to podcasts. Some episodes are less than 7 minutes long, others 30 minutes to an hour. Some spark just a different perspective and others are a good way to learn or to deepen my knowledge about specific topics. Combining the activities (walking and learning) also saves me time. It’s something you know I love! ❤️Reconnect with nature walk

Reconnect with nature

Along the running track, there are patches with poaceae grass and I love touching their soft and fluffy bushels at the touch. Most of the surfaces I touch in office are flat. one of the speakers at last year’s INDEX, the interior design exhibition held every year in Dubai, said: “We are starving for different textures to keep our brain stimulated.” How true that is. How often do you touch different textiles, woods, materials or surfaces during the day? Engage with all your senses while working outdoors.

Keep moving

I admit it, I’m lazy. Plus, I’ve a very comfortable couch that has a magic spell. It doesn’t want me to move, haha! So, my loved ones and I have a competition to get our daily 10,000 steps in. Having an accountability partner increases your likelihood of working out. While walking is not exercise for me, it gets me moving which is equally important.

Maintain your weight

Walking can be used as a means to maintain your weight. Studies have shown that walking after your meal for 30 minutes actually contributed to weight loss and a reduction in high blood sugar.

You’ve now read about 5 huge benefits you gain by walking. When was the last time you went for a walk?

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