What do you want to do this summer?

How will you spend this summer?

This week, temperatures have gone up to 40 C/104 F. For most places, that’s really hot. Not for us in this region. Summer is not even here yet! But has that stopped you from thinking what to do this summer? With Ramadan being early, we’ll have almost 4 months of summer! Why not start thinking about your summer plans this weekend?

Indoors? Outdoors? Both?

As summer will be so much longer with Ramadan, it’s a good time to re-vitalise. The heat will certainly not appeal to everyone and many folks, including myself, will prefer being in air conditioned areas. That doesn’t mean we can give up on being physically active. Malls can become a cool walking space and you can refresh afterwards with a nice cup of coffee. Dubai Sports World will open its gates again and you and your friends can work out there.

If you’re brave enough to weather the outdoors, take precautions. Apply your sunscreen and wear sun protective clothes (e.g. hat and long sleeves). Drink plenty of water. If you don’t have to be, avoid the midday sun. The country will require mandatory rest during the hottest hours of the day and unless there’s an accident or emergency, you don’t need to be working outdoors at that time either.

Work? Fun? Both?

While business activities will slow down during the summer, you can use this time for all the things you never find the time for. Whether this is your paper filing or revamping your website, there are plenty of options to use this time effectively at work.

The summer can also be the time to review your career goals and your personal development. Check out which courses are available online for you to start during these months. If you’re looking for a classroom-based course, some training institutes are giving special promotional discounts during the summer. If the course you’re interested in is not offered during the summer, get everything for it ready now. Especially if you’re thinking of doing a Master’s or an MBA, you’ll be asked for numerous documents, like copies of your degree, references and test results. Check what you have and what needs to be obtained before you can submit your application.

If you want to start a new activity for fun, we’ve seen multiple institutions offering courses (arts, drama, writing, crafts) during the summer. Some may only take place if the minimum number of participants have registered. Time to get your friends on board and have them join you.

Explore the city? Region? Both?

Many people, and I’ll be one of them, take some time off during the summer and go on holidays. Going to their home country or venturing out to a new location, the options are unlimited thanks to frequent flights to almost anywhere in the world.

If you’re staying in the city for the summer, get involved in some local activities. What’s on and Time Out are great sources for local events. Whether you’re exploring one of the must sees like learning about Ramadan at Jumeirah Mosque, going for a big splash at Wild Wadi or Atlantis or cooling off at Ski Dubai, there are also plenty of new and independent events. Check out the art scenery at Alserkal Avenue, take a photography tour around old Dubai or learn how to cook an Arab meal.

Alone? With loved ones? Both?

I don’t know about you but I certainly enjoy certain activities by myself! It’s not selfish. These are activities where I either want to explore something or spend time by myself. For me, they then become good sources for conversation with loved ones.

There are, however, also activities which I love to do with my loved ones and I’ll be planning a number of those for the summer. They don’t know how I’ll enlist them for some golf in the dark (well, those who are subscribed to this blog, now do!). As it’s only April, I’d like to sit down with my loved ones and also learn what they’d like to do this summer. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a night BBQ?

So why not start this weekend and think what you’d like to do this summer. If it’s a trip abroad, when will you do it and how will you plan for it? If it’s a course, who offers it and when?

Make the most out of the hotter days!

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