Time savers = Life savers?

Do you ever have the feeling that time just flies by? This happened to me this last weekend. It was a fun packed one. An organising job, meeting my friends, playing a decent round of golf and finally having purchased new bedroom curtains. Luckily, I didn’t have to do any of the boring or time consuming activities. I’m very grateful for having found some time saving shortcuts, making my life a lot easier. Here are some of my favourite time savers = life savers:

  • Automate your bills and savings. Set up a direct debit or standing order and have your mortgage/rent, utility, TV and phone bills paid directly. While you’re at it, create a regular transfer on pay day and put however much you can afford to into a savings account.

  • Pre-sort your laundry by colour. Get laundry baskets for light and dark clothes or white, coloured and dark clothes. Decide whether you want have a laundry marathon or spread it over the week. Organizing Moms compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of the different laundry routines. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle.
  • Chose a quick breakfast. Smoothies or oatmeal with some fruit make a healthy option. Decide before going to bed what you’ll have and put out the dry ingredients.
  • Clean your kitchen as you cook your meal. Have a bowl for all the waste on or near your preparation area. You can dispose it all in one go. To avoid a mountain of dirty dishes, pots and utensils, clean once you’ve completed a step. When your meal is sizzling, it’s the perfect time to wash up the dishes.
  • Freeze oil with herbs, left over lemon juice or the last bit of wine in ice cube trays. You can easily add these to sauces or recipes.
  • Once you’re running out of a product, put it on your shopping list. Keep this shopping list at a central spot for all your family members to add to it. Before doing your weekly trip to the supermarket, you’ll only need a few items.
  • Sort your incoming mail as you’re getting it out of the mailbox. Don’t put unwanted mail or catalogues on your kitchen counter. Immediately shred spam mail with your personal details and recycle the remaining papers.
  • Use filters for incoming mail. This applies to your work and personal mail. If you’re subscribing to newsletters and don’t need to read them immediately, have them land in a specific folder like “Newsletter” rather than filling up your inbox. Check out my previous post showing how to set up filters.
  • If you’re still sending out birthday cards, do it once a month. You can even send them online through Moonpig, saving your the trip to the post office. Bundling activities helps to stay focused and conserves your energy. The same goes for doing your online banking. To protect yourself from identity theft, check your statements in a timely manner. On that note, 2 months later is not timely!
  • Summer time is travel time and a lot of us have black suitcases. To quickly spot yours on the luggage belt, put a unique, colourful marker on it. A ribbon at the handle, a luggage belt around it or a sticker (on both sides, so you see it regardless of how the suitcase is put on the belt). Now, enjoy your holidays!

What short cuts do you use to save time? Share them with us. I’d love to hear from you.

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