14 Great ways to gain control of your kids’ toys

This evening, my colleague and I were talking about kids’ toys and video games. Where do you just store it all? During the day, it’s easy. Toys are everywhere. In the play room, in the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere. It was amazing to hear more about his strategies to get the kids pack up their toys before going to bed.

Are you also struggling to keep your kids’ toys under control? There are so many different ways to your kids’ toys. They can grow with your child, be multi-purpose, functional or simply chic and trendy. Putting their toys away is no longer a chore for your kids. These solutions make organising fun and are so stylish!

1. Store like and like items together. Your kids (and you) will find the stuff they’re looking for so much quicker.

2. Use clear boxes to immediately see the content. If you don’t have clear containers, label them. If your kids can’t read yet, put a picture of the content on the outside. It will help them see what’s inside.

3. Use open toy boxes to quickly put everything in its place.

4. Instead of clear boxes, you can also use clear bags. Card games or jigsaws can put into ziplock bags. Perfect size and weight when travelling.

5. Keep all instructions handy in a ring binder.

6. Boxes mounted on the wall provide storage space and add a unique decorating twist to the room.

7. Lego creates so much fun, not just for children. Use different boxes with coloured labels to quickly identify where the pieces are.

8. Use narrow Ikea shelves to display books. If your kids are younger, hang them longer on the ground and move them upwards as your children are growing.

9. Have small baskets or buckets which your child can carry. They can play in one room during the day but at night, everything is in its place. So easy for them to move from room to room, no excuses not to clean up after themselves.

10. Over the door shoe organisers have are such a fantastic multi-purpose item. Keep stuffed animals, play dolls or little craft items in them.

11. If your kids have loads of stuffed animals, create an animal zoo.

12. To display your kids’ art work, hang it on clipboards or curtain rods. You may want to frame special pieces.

13. A chest or bench can double function as a bench to sit on or get dressed on.

14. Don’t underestimate under-bed-storage.

Just like your little ones, you can be so creative finding storage containers for your kids’ toys. Which ones do you use at the moment? Do you have any to add to the list?

Looking forward to hearing what works best for you and your kids!

Until next time,

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