Ready for a smooth departure

How to prepare for take off

When was the last time you got on a plane and flew away? Having only 2 neighbouring countries, chances are high that you took a flight just recently. Or are you like me and have your summer holiday still ahead of you? Whether you’re flying away for work or leisure, air travel including departures can be a pain. That doesn’t need to be! When working for one of the world’s best airlines, I’ve learnt a lot of making my departures as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!

Today, I want to share my top 5 tips for a smooth departure with you:

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Packing for the weekend away

Are you going away this weekend?

Last weekend, we spent a few days very spontaneously in Greece. It was gorgeous. Blue skies, delicious food and best of all, there wasn’t much luggage needed. We only needed a few outfits for during the day and different ones for the evening. As I was working there, I needed to bring my laptop and some documents.

I’ve had a reader asking me about tips for packing for these weekend trips and it was so timely. The beauty of weekend trips or other short trips is that you don’t need that much. There’s no reason to pack a full suitcase for yourself. But I really need this item, I hear you say. Do you really?

What do you need for a weekend away?

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Where are my keys?

The extra spare key

Trust home petsLast weekend, I was cat sitting for one of my clients. It wasn’t the first time to look after their cats while they were travelling and we were all sorted or so we thought. Arriving at their home, the set of keys was laying inside on the dining table behind locked doors!

Luckily, my client was available over the phone and emailed their facilities manager who opened the door within an hour. You should have seen the eyes of the 3 cats. Boy where they glad I got in and they could be fed.

Where do you best keep a spare set of keys?

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Dealing with delays when travelling

This week, we had quite the excitement. My loved ones were delayed at an airport abroad for almost 14 hours and encountered multiple complications during the day. In the end, I booked them a new flight back home. Despite the hassle and their exhaustion, I counted my blessings that evening.

Have you been experienced any delays when flying? As annoying as it can be, what did you do? For us, it raised the question not only of how to deal with delayed air travel but also how to avoid them:

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Good-bye jet lag

SnowComing home after business travel is always great. New impressions can be shared and I generally can’t wait for my loved ones seeing their gifts. It’s normally some local food which we share. What better way to expand our horizon and let them be part of the trip.

My return flight from Boston yesterday followed this same pattern. I was glad the meetings were productive, and, as it snowed while I was there, I was also glad warmer temperatures were waiting for me. Sleeping through an entire flight of 12 hours (first time it ever happened!), I also got to meet “Mr. Jet Lag”.

If jet lag is visiting you, how can you say good-bye to it?

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Time to get away – Book a mini-break

This week is almost over and I’m exhausted. Seeing the winter decoration being put up at my hairdresser’s this week, it hit me. We’re now entering the crazy last few weeks of the year. At work, people are trying to reach their annual targets. Students are slowly but surely preparing for end of term exams. Across the world, folks are getting ready for the advent season and ultimately Christmas.

These activities, plus our normal daily activities, can leave us drained and shattered. How fantastic is it that we’re getting a long weekend! 2 and 3 December will be given off to employees in the private industry and we can enjoy a mini-break from Wednesday till Sunday. What are you going to do with these extra days off?

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Business travel – Enjoyable or pain?

OLAM SeychellesIn a previous role, I travelled long distance every 2 weeks and was very excited at my business travel at first. Isn’t this what everybody wanted? Seeing the world while working? Colleagues warned me that it’s physically and mentally exhausting. How can a trip to the Seychelles be tiring? Very as I quickly found out myself. Learning a lot about the different countries and cultures, I also became extremely efficient in packing. 15 minutes for a full suitcase! From choosing the outfit till closing the suitcase. How can you get ready for your business trip in no time?

Before you start packing, do these 5 things first:

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