Time to get away – Book a mini-break

This week is almost over and I’m exhausted. Seeing the winter decoration being put up at my hairdresser’s this week, it hit me. We’re now entering the crazy last few weeks of the year. At work, people are trying to reach their annual targets. Students are slowly but surely preparing for end of term exams. Across the world, folks are getting ready for the advent season and ultimately Christmas.

These activities, plus our normal daily activities, can leave us drained and shattered. How fantastic is it that we’re getting a long weekend! 2 and 3 December will be given off to employees in the private industry and we can enjoy a mini-break from Wednesday till Sunday. What are you going to do with these extra days off?

  • Go on a mini-break.
  • Treat yourself to a staycation.
  • Enjoy your home.

If you’re considering some time away from your home, check out these suggestions:

  1. Be brave and get on those water rides at Wild Wadi, Aquaventure or Yas Waterworld
  2. Watch the wildlife in Ras Al Khor
  3. Adore the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi
  4. Sunbath in warmer temperatures in Salalah
  5. Listen to the opera in Muscat
  6. Walk along the historic site of Petra in Jordan
  7. Explore Istanbul on 2 continents
  8. Taste the different curries in Sri Lanka
  9. Find your balance at a yoga retreat in India
  10. Dive in the Maldives
  • SpringsWhen looking at a mini-break, whether in your home town or further away, chose your dates.
  • Hotel discounts may not apply over public holidays. By pulling your break a day forward, you may still be able to qualify for a cheaper hotel rate.
  • Airlines have similar black out periods, during which air fares are increased. What options do you have to start your mini-break early or start it a bit later?
  • Do you prefer to be inspired? Visit a travel agent. They can advise on individual trips as well as package holidays.
  • Prior to booking anything, what visa or vaccinations are required by the country? If you need a visa, check out the website of the embassy of your preferred destination and familiarise yourself with the application process and timeline. Speak with your doctor about the required vaccinations.
  • If you’re just going away for 4 days, how far are you willing to travel? Taking a night flight on Tuesday night can get you to your destination right in time for breakfast on Wednesday morning. Will this exhaust you or are you looking to optimise your stay?
  • What are you looking to get out of the mini-break? Are you in for a (sporty) adventure, experiencing some cultural activities, looking after your body and mind? If you’re planning on visiting a specific exhibition or museum, for example, check that it will take place during the public holiday.
  • Check travel boards like Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet. Knowing more about your destination allows you to maximise your time there with the things you’d like to pursue.
  • Create a packing list. You can follow these essentials from a previous post.
  • Often, we ignore the weather forecast when packing. Don’t. Check the forecast and if going to a humid location, the AC may be set high, wanting you to also wear a cardigan or shawl.
  • Before leaving your house, turn off the electric appliances, take out any trash and lock your doors and windows.
  • Take your passport, visa (if required), medical passport and proof of vaccinations (if required), driving licence, airline ticket, hotel confirmation, driving licence (if you’re renting), charger for your electronic devices, credit card and some local cash along.
  • Enjoy!

I’ll be just back from a training course in Hong Kong and will spent the long weekend at home. Ideally, we won’t be doing anything expect for putting our feet up and enjoying the moment. What are your plans for the long weekend? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,

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