Good-bye jet lag

SnowComing home after business travel is always great. New impressions can be shared and I generally can’t wait for my loved ones seeing their gifts. It’s normally some local food which we share. What better way to expand our horizon and let them be part of the trip.

My return flight from Boston yesterday followed this same pattern. I was glad the meetings were productive, and, as it snowed while I was there, I was also glad warmer temperatures were waiting for me. Sleeping through an entire flight of 12 hours (first time it ever happened!), I also got to meet “Mr. Jet Lag”.

If jet lag is visiting you, how can you say good-bye to it?

  • If you’re travelling for only a few days (e.g. 2-3 days), stick to the zone time in your home country. Getting up at your usual time may be very early at your destination. Yet, sticking to your normal routine eases your adjustment when flying back.
  • If the time difference is too big to follow your normal pattern, prepare for the change by adjusting several days prior to your flight: Get up and go to bed earlier if you’re travelling to the East. Get up and go to bed later if you’re travelling to the West.
  • On the plane, adjust your watch and phone to the timezone of your final destination.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while you’re flying. The dry air in an aircraft can make you feel sleepy and make jet lag worse.
  • When you land, stay up as long as possible. Going to bed at the time normal for your destination will ease the adjustment. If you must nap during the day, set an alarm for maximum 2 hours of sleep.
  • Some people think alcohol can help falling asleep. In effect, it has a negative impact on the quality of our sleep. Coffee is another stimulant. Intense exercise close to bed time also affects your sleep. It’s best to avoid these stimuli for a few hours before going to bed.
  • Be considered of what you’re eating. To not disrupt sleep, avoid high carb or fatty foods close to bedtime.
  • In your hotel room, close the blinds and darken the room as much as possible. You may want to use a sleeping mask (I love the ones from Emirates) and also reduce any noise which may prevent you from falling asleep. During the day, get as much exposure to day light as possible. The natural changes will help your body to adjust.
  • Remember these tips as you’re travelling back to your home. Jet lag doesn’t travel in one direction only.

It’s now time for me to say good-night to “Mr. Jet Lag” and get some sleep. I’d love to read how you’re beating jet lag when you’re travelling. What tips do you have to avoid jet lag? Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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