Taking a looong trip?

Get your home ready before you’ll get on that trip

Who doesn’t want to go on a long trip? The Japanese way of touring Europe within 7 days doesn’t appeal to me. I was brought up with summer holidays lasting between 3 weeks to 3 months. We loved the summers on the beach and I’d be game for a longer holiday again, right now! What about you? Have you thought of taking a sabbatical or a longer trip?

Before you can get on that plan, have your home prepared. Here’s our checklist for you:

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Unpack after a holiday

How to quickly unpack your suitcases

Do you know this situation? You’ve spent a wonderful time while on holiday and don’t want to go back to your normal routine? And there’s the massive suitcase that you need to unpack? For me, I prefer unpacking to packing the suitcase. All the little memories are coming back… and so is the laundry. We have collected our top 5 tips for the easiest unpacking:

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What do you want to do this summer?

How will you spend this summer?

This week, temperatures have gone up to 40 C/104 F. For most places, that’s really hot. Not for us in this region. Summer is not even here yet! But has that stopped you from thinking what to do this summer? With Ramadan being early, we’ll have almost 4 months of summer! Why not start thinking about your summer plans this weekend?

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Why you need a trusted pet sitter

How to find the right care for your pet

Spring break is almost here and many families will be using the next 2 weeks to spontaneously go away for a few days. How great would it be to spend a long weekend on the beach, playing with the kids in the pool or finally reading that book? While hotels have plenty of specials for you and your children, your furry family members will have to stay at home. But who will look after your pets?

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How to entertain your visitors when the weather isn’t great

I love this region and the sunny weather we experience 350 days per year. It seems though like climate change is also leaving its marks here. My visitors are arriving tomorrow, looking for warm sunshine which has been hiding a bit recently. Now the question is what to do when it’s not lounging at the beach weather?

Here are my top 7 tips to entertain your guests when the weather isn’t that inviting:

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Ready for a smooth departure

How to prepare for take off

When was the last time you got on a plane and flew away? Having only 2 neighbouring countries, chances are high that you took a flight just recently. Or are you like me and have your summer holiday still ahead of you? Whether you’re flying away for work or leisure, air travel including departures can be a pain. That doesn’t need to be! When working for one of the world’s best airlines, I’ve learnt a lot of making my departures as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!

Today, I want to share my top 5 tips for a smooth departure with you:

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Packing for the weekend away

Are you going away this weekend?

Last weekend, we spent a few days very spontaneously in Greece. It was gorgeous. Blue skies, delicious food and best of all, there wasn’t much luggage needed. We only needed a few outfits for during the day and different ones for the evening. As I was working there, I needed to bring my laptop and some documents.

I’ve had a reader asking me about tips for packing for these weekend trips and it was so timely. The beauty of weekend trips or other short trips is that you don’t need that much. There’s no reason to pack a full suitcase for yourself. But I really need this item, I hear you say. Do you really?

What do you need for a weekend away?

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Where are my keys?

The extra spare key

Trust home petsLast weekend, I was cat sitting for one of my clients. It wasn’t the first time to look after their cats while they were travelling and we were all sorted or so we thought. Arriving at their home, the set of keys was laying inside on the dining table behind locked doors!

Luckily, my client was available over the phone and emailed their facilities manager who opened the door within an hour. You should have seen the eyes of the 3 cats. Boy where they glad I got in and they could be fed.

Where do you best keep a spare set of keys?

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